What is SEO?

What is SEO?

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SEO is the Practice use of Placing Keywords in Content

Why do People Use Search Engines?: Research, Shopping, Entertainment


To get a better understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it’s important to understand why people use search engines, in the first place.


People use search engines for three things: research, shopping, or entertainment.


Someone may be doing research about the restoration of a classic car, a place that sells classic car parts, or, looking for a video that relates to classic cars.


So they will go to Google, Yahoo, Bing or wherever else and type in words like:  “Classic car Parts”  “Classic car Restoration”, “Classic Car Videos”  “Classic Car Services”, “Classic Car Repairs” etc.


Sometimes, people add a location to their search words too, so that they can go to a place that is close to them, or they will add words like “Near me”  or “Local”, “In my area”, etc.


These words that people type into search engines are known as “Keywords”.


Search engines give content creators the ability to see what people are looking for, because they store a database of all keywords typed into their search bars every second of the day.


This gives content creators a good indication of what content they should create and place those keywords (Search terms) into, or create educational information about.


If you want to know how to save money from the age of 25, then someone has probably created an article or related content.  If you search online and you don’t like the content you find, you can create your own, or improve on the content you do find.


Making Use of Search Engines for Research


Most people using a search engine are doing it for research.


They are looking for answers or information to make a decision.


They’re looking for a site that answers their questions and provides the information they need.


Someone wanting to buy a new car, will use it to find the best car dealership near them.


They can then do research on the technical aspects of the vehicle they’re interested in, such as make, model, engine capacity, safety features, fuel efficiency, etc, etc.


They will probably look at the local dealer and any competing dealerships nearby, compare prices and then decide to go visit one or more dealerships to see the vehicle in person.


Search engines prefer sites that are filled with information,  are tightly packed and interwoven with other referable data.  


One such site is Wikipedia, the open source encyclopedia of the internet.  The problem with Wikipedia, is that it is edited by anyone, so you shouldn’t take information in it as fact.


A site like Wikipedia is loved by search engines, because of all the links and data.  Google and other search engines push these types of sites higher up in rankings because of the SEO within the sites.


The more information present, and the more links, the better for the site.  It needs to be filled with information.  After all, people are looking for information, and that’s what Wikipedia provides, and LOTS of it.


Searching Sites to Shop


A growing number of people prefer to shop online, for the convenience. 


That’s why we see malls becoming emptier and one of these days, they’ll be redundant.


Once people have finished doing their research about products and services they want, they then change their mindset and so do their search terms.


They now start looking for “Free Shipping”  “Reviews”, “Sales”, “Coupons” etc.


For the most part, people will often go directly to the brand to buy from them, if it makes sense to do so, or they will go to a huge “Mall Type Site”, think Amazon, eBay, etc.


These large sites have their own internal search bars and you can find just about anything. 


They have shipping directly to your door, making the shopping experience very convenient.


When you begin to understand the concept of SEO, you will realize that they buyer uses different search words (Keywords) at different stages of his journey to find a solution.


As Marketers and content creators, it’s our responsibility to become familiar with these search terms and when they’re used in the buying cycle, so that we can create and place content within sites to address their fears and concerns before they need to go look for answers somewhere else. 


Searching for Entertainment 


We don’t only use search engines to do research and shop.


We also spend countless hours online, looking for entertainment.


Who hasn’t gone online to watch funny cat videos, comedians, people being stupid or a 1000 ways to die.


We all crave entertainment, whether it be music, videos, other people doing stupid crazy stuff or tricks, hacks, recipes etc.


YouTube happens to be one of the most popular video sites.


You can find videos for anything.  


SEO plays a part in finding videos too.  Keyword rich titles and keywords in the content, description and tags all make it easier for us to type a search term in and find the video, or related content.


SEO content is everywhere.  If it wasn’t you would be a frustrated user, because you wouldn’t find what you were looking for.



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Analytics and reports are the only way that you’re going to know what’s working for your business.  We’ve found the most success with the two tools that we use, but for SEO content, we stick with Monsterinsights.  

Tracking is a breeze with this tool, and it allows us to capitalize on content that’s working and create more of the same.

When capitalizing on content that works, you can rapidly scale your business to multiple figures.


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