What is Builderall?


If you’ve been online for any amount of time, I’m sure you’ve heard of Clickfunnels and their alternative, Builderall.

If you haven’t heard of Builderall, then let me enlighten you – Builderall is a Digital Marketing Platform with every single tool you could ever need to build a highly lucrative online business. 

It is such an awesome platform!


Builderall digital marketing platform
Builderall digital marketing platform


Builderall is a Digital Marketing Platform


If you’re new to building an online business and not very tech savvy, then Builderall is the tool I recommend you use. 

Even if you are a seasoned site builder and business operator, Builderall is still a site I would recommend.  They have all the tools you need to build your business. 


Here’s what you can do with Builderall


There’s quite a lot you can do with Builderall, so I’m going to list the apps available on the platform then give you links so that you can go see them for yourself.

I have created a number of videos showing you how the apps can be used – they can be found on our YouTube Channel

I will be adding to the library of videos already created.


Here’s the list of apps, just note, they’re always updating features and adding more functionality, so keep checking in here to learn more:


For Building Stuff

  • Builderall canvas
    • Map out your customer journey
    • Build sequences
    • Map their path
    • Plan upsells and cross sells
    • Build your email sequences and automate
  • eCommerce
    • Build powerful eCommerce stores
    • Built upon Magento
    • Get online fast
    • Extend with added Magento plugins
    • Numerous Payment formats supported
  • WordPress 3 click Integration
    • Integrate Builderall with WordPress
    • The most powerful CMS in the world
    • Easily build websites
    • Millions of plugins available
    • If you can type in word, you can build with WordPress
  • Webinar builder
    • Educate with webinars
    • Connect with your clients, customers, followers
    • Offer more value
    • Be Personable
    • Sell more online
  • eLearning
    • Share your knowledge
    • Create courses
    • Allow memberships
    • Build packages
    • Make money online
  • Chat Builder
    • Embed a chat on any post or page
    • Interact anywhere
    • Get more leads
    • Be there for your customers, followers
    • Grow your brand
  • App Builder
    • Build customized apps
    • Android and iOS Supported
    • Upload to popular distribution sites
    • Thousands of templates to choose from
    • Drag n drop simplicity
  • Directory Builder
    • Bring multiple vendors into one directory
    • Create ad space and generate revenue
    • Host on your own domain
    • Become the go to resource for Local Businesses
    • Many templates to choose from


For Email Marketing


  • Professional Email
    • Use beautiful email templates
    • Drag n drop functionality
    • Add newsletters
    • Custom signatures
    • Add eCommerce offers for more sales
  • Email Automation
    • Put sales on autopilot
    • Create automated responses using templates
    • Send newsletters
    • Send on demand emails
    • Build sales funnels and sell on autopilot



For Engagement


  • Messenger Chatbots
    • Capture visitors details
    • Chat on Facebook
    • Send information
    • Sell in Messenger
    • Deliver content
  • Share Lockers
    • Share valuable content
    • Require people to take specific actions
    • Build your email list
    • Build your following
    • Generate more leads
  • Social Proof Popups
    • Notify visitors of sales, signups or any other actions
    • Great for generating desire
    • Useful for FOMO
    • Increases brand authority
    • Beautifully designed popups
  • Website Bot
    • Keep visitors on the website
    • Answer Questions
    • Guide visitors towards a funnel
    • Deliver content
    • Gather leads
  • Automated Social Sharing
    • Save time
    • Share to your social media channels
    • Setup a schedule
    • Increase web traffic
    • Increase brand awareness
  • Browser Notifications
    • Simple setup
    • Notify subscribers of new content
    • Broadcast messages
    • Increase sales
    • Gather more leads
  • Instagram Auto Response
    • Save time responding to messages
    • Build your following
    • Build trust
    • Engage faster
    • Customize responses
  • SMS Messaging
    • Send simple text messages
    • Send Broadcasts
    • Sell
    • Inform
    • Educate
  • Telegram
    • Invite to group
    • Sell
    • Educate
    • Inform
    • Interact in Telegram
  • CRM
    • Collect Customer Data
    • Build a database of leads
    • Monitor leads
    • Move customers through the funnel
    • Lead scoring
  • Script Creator
    • Simple content ideas
    • Basic content outline
    • Email scripts
    • Blog scripts
    • Article Scripts


For Designing


  • Magazine Builder
    • Easy drag n drop builder
    • Interactive flip magazine
    • Publish to PDF
    • Host online
    • Share links
  • Mockup Studio
    • Mockups of common items
    • Upload your design
    • Download the end result
    • Add to ecommerce shops
    • Share online
  • 3D photo Editor Suite
    • Great for building animated images
    • Upload image shot from different angles
    • Let the builder do it’s magic
    • View the product by scrolling using your mouse
    • Increases engagement and ecommerce sales
  • Animated VSL Video Builder
    • Integrate video into sales pages
    • Improved conversion rate
    • Make the sales page more personable
    • Sell the solution in a personal way
    • Connect with your customers
  • Transparent Floating Videos
    • Have videos float on any page
    • Great for explaining a concept anywhere
    • Simplifies content delivery
    • Better user experience
    • Increases time on page
  • Presentation Studio
    • Build professional looking presentations
    • Hundreds of templates to choose from
    • Drag n drop simplicity
    • Embed everywhere
    • Share as a PDF
  • Video Wrapper
    • Add overlays to videos
    • Add links to videos
    • Add cards to videos
    • Add end screens to videos
    • Annotate videos
  • Video Tagging Tool
    • Tag videos with keywords
    • Increase reach
    • Increase subscriptions
    • Get tag recommendations
    • Get better search rankings
  • Video Funnel builder
    • Attract leads with video
    • Visualize the content you’ll create
    • Map your process
    • Guide your viewer along the funnel
    • Set goals for your funnel



Reporting Tools


  • On Page SEO Reporting
    • Understand how you’re doing with SEO
    • See where there are errors
    • Fix any gaps in your content
    • Re-run reports to see how you’ve progressed
    • Increase organic search results
  • Click Maps
    • See how site visitors behave on your site
    • Get a visual guide
    • Know what people are clicking on
    • Allows you to prioritize content placement
    • Understand the customer journey through your site





  • Virtual Assistant Access
    • Give access to any assistants to your business
    • Restrict sections
    • Control behavior
    • Hide sensitive information
    • Receive notifications about their actions
  • Notification Center
    • Get information about any platform changes
    • Get notified of your bills
    • Get information about any events
    • Get information from other users
    • Whenever we have special offers, you’ll see them
  • DNS manager
    • Update DNS details when necessary
    • Add new DNS Entries
    • Modify DNS Entries
    • Get support
    • Manage redirections and mapping



That’s quite a long list of apps, right?   That’s still nothing compared to what you can actually do with all of the apps.



Get started with Builderall for FREE!


Now that you know what is available in Builderall, why not give it a go?  You can start with the FREE plan.  Go on, get your very own business off the ground with the free plan.

Because it’s FREE, you’ve got no excuse to still sit on your ass doing nothing.  Builderall is a powerful Digital Marketing Platform that has all the tools you need to build a business from the ground up.


Want to become An Affiliate?


Not only does Builderall offer all the tools you could possibly need to build a business with their tools, they also allow anyone to join their business as an affiliate to promote their business and make good money.

It’s recurring revenue, the holy grail of anyone working for a living.  It helps you get stability in this ever changing world.


All you need to do is sign up and get started today.

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