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Website Design

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Website Creation: Basic 3 Page Site

Website design, build, and ongoing maintenance.


Are you looking for a new website, or just an update for an existing website?  We’ve got you covered!


Focus on your business while we handle the rest.


Without a web presence, you’re missing out on one of the simplest and most effective ways to connect with established customers and attract new ones.


Our talented website development team works with you directly to create a 3-page Word Press website that best represents your business, products, and services.


Maintenance, security, and updates are all included.


Please note: Direct contact between you and our team is required before work on your website begins. If contact is not provided, the projected production length may change.


This service includes a WordPress responsive website with primary navigation that includes 3 pages: Home, About Us, Products and/or Services, Map & Directions, Contact Us, and a Thank You page (to appear after an inquiry is submitted).


We will work with you to customize the colors, photos, logos, and other artwork on your website


  • Search engine-friendly website
  • Optional blog page (entries not included)
  • Up to 15 photo; image uploads included.
  • Unlimited text changes
  • Up to 15 image changes monthly.


  • Please note: additional images and products will be charged at per product rate.


If you would like to see some samples of our creations, then get in touch, we will send you links where you can get a feel for our design style.


We use multiple templates and styles, so reach out, and let’s show you what’s possible with our designs.


E-commerce Websites are only available for 10-page websites and above.


Fully customizable. Get a website that is 100% tailored to your business. Take advantage of social media streams, photo galleries, banners, and more!


Exceptional customer service. We work with local businesses to create a professional and accessible online presence.


Eye-catching design. A consumer’s first-impression of a website is 94% design-related. We’ll build you a compelling website that leverages the key elements of modern design.


Mobile-responsive. Every site we build is optimized for mobile devices both big and small.




What is included in the required monthly fee?


Monthly Charges include | Hosting and Maintenance


Maintenance of a Basic 3 Page site include:

  • Unlimited text changes to existing content.
  • Up to 15 image changes per month to existing images.


All sites are hosted with Website Pro and include:


  • daily backups
  • managed WordPress hosting
  • built-in reporting




  • Any additional images/product changes beyond the included will be charged at a per product/image rate.
  • Any new functionality changes to sites will need to be planned and charged at an hourly rate.
  • The monthly charge DOES NOT include maintaining or integrating emails.


What is Responsive design?


Responsive design means that your website will adapt to whatever screen size your potential customer is utilizing; be it a cell phone or a television.


What happens during the initial consultation call?


Within 3-5 business days, the Digital Agency team will conduct the initial consultation call to go over; desired color scheme and logo, domain name preferences, sample sites that we recommend, review the provided marketing materials, as well as home page layout requirements, tabs and pages, features, images and graphic ideas.


How Long Does This Process Take?


  • Initial Consultation – 3- 5 Business Days


The agency will conduct a consultation call with you to gather additional information is needed to complete the setup.


  • First Mock – 15 Business Days


Based on the information provided during the consultation call, our developers will design a template mockup, which includes your chosen color scheme and logo, images.


  • Second Mock – 15-25 Business Days


Once the mockup is approved, we will build out the site and populate it with industry-specific content. We will also provide industry-specific images if none are supplied.


  • Site Publication – 20-25 Business Days *after the deliverables have been submitted.


Landing Page Completion and Optimization: We will complete the look and feel of the site with site optimization tasks.


You are Now Live and on the World Wide Web: You will receive a confirmation email with a link to your landing page and contact information for your local digital team and developers for changes and updates.


What kind of changes can I submit?


The Basic 3 page package includes unlimited text changes and 15 image changes monthly.


What can I do to make this project a success?


  • Provide sample websites (likes or dislikes) or other design direction during consultation call.
  • Provide images and text content as requested.
  • Communicate efficiently with us to keep the project on track to meet the set deadlines.


Can we use an already existing domain?


One of our website experts will walk you through the process of pointing your domain name to the new website.


What form of SEO is included for my website?


We use a highly-rated SEO WordPress plug-in for your website.


Can my website include a contact form? What about Call-To-Action modules? Or slideshow?


There are many options available. Our skilled designers will help you realize your vision for your website.


Do you provide stock images?


We can provide stock images if requested. However, we recommend using professional images of your business, products, and services to create a more personalized website.


Is e-commerce available with this package?


E-commerce is only available on Advanced 10 Page Site packages and up.


What are the limits for word count on each page?


The word count limit for each page is 1000 words. Additional text will be charged on a 1-1000 word count basis. (ex: 3500 words on one page would be a charge of 4 pages.) Minor overages may be accepted in certain circumstances.

We help you grow your business
from planning to implementation.

Digital Marketing

From planning your campaign, to launching it to the web, we work with you every step of the way.

Content Marketing

All the content we create for you is logged, tracked, distributed, and reported on.

SEO & Google Ads

The right ad can launch your business to multiple figures per month.  Our professional Ad Strategists know how.

Social Media Marketing

It can be tough to see results, but timing is everything.  The right message at the right time makes a difference.

Our Process

We simplify everything so that you never get confused or overwhelmed.

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Analytics and reports are the only way that you’re going to know what’s working for your business.  We’ve found the most success with the two tools that we use, but for SEO content, we stick with Monsterinsights.  

Tracking is a breeze with this tool, and it allows us to capitalize on content that’s working and create more of the same.

When capitalizing on content that works, you can rapidly scale your business to multiple figures.


We’re proud to partner with
globally loved brands.

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It goes without saying, that the more traffic (visitors) you bring to your website, the better your chances are of converting one or more of the visitors into sales.  

We live, breathe and think Marketing from sunrise to sunset, then we still think and act on our marketing objectives, day in and day out. Marketing runs in our blood.

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