Top 10 Plugins for WordPress Websites 2019

You can do so much with WordPress.  It can look beautiful and you can extend the functionality of your site using plugins.  I’ve put together my top 10 plugins for WordPress websites 2019 for you to get a good idea of the plugins I recommend and suggest you try for yourself.

You’ll find a brief description of each plugin, how it will benefit you and a link to go through to the site providing it as well as a direct download link if available.

Please let me know in the comments section, if you recommend any other plugins for the same purposes as the ones listed below.


NB:  You may encounter affiliate links in this content.  They’re intended for me to make a small commission if you decide to buy anything, (all at no cost to you).


The Top 10 Plugins for WordPress Websites 2019:

akismet wordpress plugin - digital marketing, web marketing, vermaak marketing

1. Akismet


What is Akismet?


Akismet has been around forever and claim to block spam reaching your site.  They do quite well, and judging by the statistics they provide, they save you hours upon hours of spam prevention.  Obviously, no plugin is perfect and the odd spam comment will slip through, but it’s nothing compared to what you would have to deal with if you didn’t use Akismet.


How will Akismet benefit my site?


I’ve mentioned that it blocks spammers from posting spam comments.  Keep track of the statistics and you’ll see that you could save hours of work, by simply installing and activating Akismet on your own website.


Website Link:

Download Link:

smushit wordpress plugin - vermaak marketing, digital marketing, web marketing

2. Smushit


We all love putting images on our sites to make it easier for our readers to visualize what we’re trying to tell them and to make it easier to convey our story.  The problem is, images contain millions of pixels, and every pixel counts as data that your web server needs to load, every time you open a page or blog post.


The higher quality and the larger your images, the more data needs to be loaded, resulting in slower that optimal loading times.


What is smushit?


Smushit is a plugin that condenses your images and reduces the number of pixels, without damaging the visual appearance of the image.


How will Smushit benefit my site?


Less image data that needs to be loaded when a page or post is opened will result in faster opening times, giving you an edge in Google Search results.  The slower your site, the lower it drops in search rankings because it’s all about giving great user experiences, a slow site is a negative experience.


Website Link:

Download Link:

wordfence wordpress plugin -, digital marketing, web marketing

3. Wordfence


You don’t want a hacker hijacking your site and stealing your data.  Often times they just want to redirect your traffic to another domain so that they don’t have to pay for the service.


Other times, they are gathering intelligence, but in the background, steal your data.  Corruption of your site and a slow-down in performance will have a negative impact on your readers.


What is Wordfence?


Wordfence is a firewall and malware prevention plugin, preventing brute force attacks, preventing malware and stopping viruses before they render your site useless.


How Will Wordfence Benefit My Site?


Wordfence firewall prevents malware and brute force attacks on your data, ensuring your site remains online and trouble free.


Website Link:

Download Link:

supercache wordpress plugin -, digital marketing, web marketing

4. Supercache


Google and online visitors hate slow or outdated websites.  So, for this reason, it makes sense to have a cache plugin.


What is Supercache?


Whenever you visit a site, the web server loads a cache to your browser, and each time you go back to the same site, in order to speed things up, your browser will re-load the last known cache of the website.


A cache is basically a file containing the code necessary to show a web page.


As we make site changes, we want to ensure that only the latest version of the site is displayed to returning visitors, so we use cache plugins.


Cache plugins flush out old versions of the site, and load new versions to be displayed to new or returning visitors, ensuring that only the most updated content is served.


How will Supercache benefit my site?


Supercache works in the background and every time that you post a new blog post, update an existing page, upload or publish a new product, supercache automatically flushes out the old cache, making sure to upload a newer version.


This means your site is always displaying the latest information and you don’t have to manually flush the cache every time you make a change.  Saving you lots of time.


Website Link: N/A

Download Link:

woocommerce wordpress plugin -, digital marketing, web marketing

5. Woocommerce


Do you want to sell something online?  It can be a physical, digital or an affiliate product.  You can do that all with the Woocommerce Plugin.


What is Woocommerce?


Woocommerce is a full-fledged eCommerce solution, allowing you to setup a virtual storefront and sell anything online.


How Will Woocommerce benefit my site?


If you want to sell something and take payment for goods or services directly on your own website, then Woocommerce may be just the solution you’re looking for.  It’s extremely user friendly, there are loads of plugins to make it better, take multiple payment formats and upload as many products as you wish.


All for Free!


Website Link:

Download Link:


Elementor site builder - wordpress plugin -, digital marketing, web marketing

6. Elementor


Do you sometimes feel that the WordPress backend is a little cumbersome to work with?  Would you prefer a drag and drop builder that makes it easy to build great looking and professional looking websites in a flash?


What is Elementor?


Elementor is a simple drag and drop website builder, making it easy for you to drag and drop components into place to create a stunning website.


How will Elementor benefit my site?


With simple to see and understand sections, controls and added plugin functionality, you have everything you need in one place. Elementor is a tool that will cut your web design work in half, if not more.


Website Link:

Download Link:

envato elements wordpress plugin -, digital marketing, web marketing

7. Envato Elements


Designing a website from scratch isn’t something to be taken lightly.  It takes time, detailed knowledge of code and a keen eye for detail.


Luckily for us, there are shortcuts in the form of ready-made templates we can use.


Choose a template kit, customize the data, and off you go.


What is Envato Elements?


Envato Elements are a collection of design themes or better known as design kits.  They’re a collection of pages and posts that comprise a kit.  All the pages are created according to a specific theme.


Choose your desired business or category of interest and you’ll be presented with a choice of kits to choose from. 


Open the kit then choose from the pages that you want to use and add them to your site.


How will Envato Elements benefit my site?


Save hours of manually creating themes.  These pages are created according to a theme already.  Add your own data into the page you chose and you’re ready to make a few other adjustments, before you hit publish.


Pre-made templates make it so much easier to keep a consistent look and feel throughout your site.


Website Link:

Download Link: wordpress plugin -,digitalmarketing,web marketing



You can’t be in front of your device all day long and you can’t site with phone in hand hoping and waiting for customers to contact you.


Wouldn’t you rather have someone waiting on your site to answer basic questions, then get the visitor to send you their details?


What is is a chatbot that lives on your website.  It’s a simple chatbot that you can customize and install within 5 minutes.


A chatbot is a great way for you to answer a few basic questions that a customer might have, strike up light conversation, then try get the visitor to send you their email or phone number so that you can follow up with them.


How will benefit my site?


Think of a as you butler.  It’s there 24/7/365, waiting to meet and greet anyone who asks something.  Simple answers can be given, but a request is made to submit contact details so that you can follow up when you have the time.


This will help you get more leads, already have a warmed up customer and is great, because you’ve already put a visitor’s mind at ease buy answering a simple question or two, letting them know, you’ve got the solution they’re looking for.


Website Link:

Download Link:


yoast seo wordpress plugin -, digital marketing, web marketing

9. Yoast SEO


You want your content to be found and read buy people on the internet so that you can get leads, make sales and grow your business.  Isn’t that the whole idea behind inbound marketing and using the web in the first place?


Well, content is only found if there are “keywords” in the content that people type in somewhere and click “search”.


If your content doesn’t contain the specific keyword people are searching for, it won’t be found.


What is Yoast SEO?


Yoast SEO is a plugin for WordPress.  As you write the content in your website, Yoast SEO keeps track of the word count, the grammar, the ease of reading, past tense and a number of other items.


Before you publish, you can go to the plugin and do a simple analysis of your content to figure out what may be wrong and fix it before you click “publish”.


How will Yoast SEO benefit my site?


By using the Yoast SEO plugin on the fly (so to speak), you’re effectively focusing your content on a specific keyword. 


Yoast SEO tells you how often it should appear in your content and if you follow the prompts and analysis as given in the plugin, you’re bound to get a better position in search engines than blindly following your own intuition.


Website Link:

Download Link:

sumo wordpress plugin -,digital marketing, web marketing

10. Sumo


If you want to grow your email list, then you need a number of ways to do it. (You need pop up forms, in moderation of course), Subscription bars and cart abandonment email capture forms.


What is sumo?


Sumo is a plugin that allows you to create popup forms, Capture emails and prevent cart abandonment with retargeting emails.  It also includes social sharing buttons.


How will sumo benefit my site?


Growing your email is a very important business.  If you can get people to sign up for your email list, then you have the opportunity to warm them up, and, as they get to know you through a series of personalized emails, they will begin to like and trust you and buy whatever you recommend.


Email marketing is still very popular and is a great way to get stability in your business, which makes sumo and invaluable tool for your business.


Website Link:

Download Link:




That’s my list of the top 10 plugins for WordPress 2019.  I’ve taken a rather broad approach to this list, but all of the plugins are what I use from day to day, so it makes sense for me to add them here.


Am I selling myself short, or am I using too many plugins?  Is there a one size fits all plugin?   


Are there any plugins you think do a better job than the ones listed here?  Give us your reasoning and let us know what your alternatives are, how you’ve used them and how they benefited you.


Do you have any recommended plugins for 2020?  Let us know!

If you've found something worthwhile, GREAT!

If you haven’t found any images, backgrounds, vectors or high resolution photographs yet, don’t despair, we’ve still got 6 other sites for you to explore.


Please remember to share the ones we’ve shared here, and if you’ve got other sources we should include, especially if they’re better than our list, then, please, drop a link in a comment below.



ISO Republic


Thousands of free photos, videos and collections of images for you to choose from for personal and commercial use.


isorepublic free images, stock photography -





Thousands of photos and videos for commercial and personal use


lifeofpix - free stock images, photos -




Pic Jumbo


Grab loads of photographs, backgrounds and high resolution images for your personal or commercial projects.


picjumbo free stock images, photos -






Tired of photos that look too much like stock photos?  Reshot has the answer.  Non-stock like images that look more authentic and less staged.


Grab some free images for use in your own business.


reshot free stock photography -






Free high resolution, copyright free images to use for personal or commercial use


stocksnap free stock photography -




Styled Stock


Feminine inspired stock photography.  Use the images in projects, blogs, branding, etc.


feminine stock photography - 12 sites to get free stock photography -




There!  you now have 12 sources of free stock photography, images, backgrounds, vectors and video to choose from.  Like we’ve said twice already, if you’ve got a better source, drop a link in a comment below.

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