SEO Fundamentals

All the checks you need to do to get your SEO just right

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Simple SEO Checks

The search engines are fickle. they have automation processes in place to gather data and index it into their huge databases. The problem is, the crawlers cannot see images and some multimedia. You have to label everything and add your keywords in relevant places so that they can be found and correctly indexed.


What will you get out of this checklist?

Our busy, distraction filled lives easily allow us to forget where we were last, or to forget final steps. A checklist simplifies tasks

Don't miss a step

Never wonder what steps to take or wonder where you were last. Simply complete a task and mark it off on the checklist as you progress through it

SEO Process

SEO is a step by step process. Follow the process to get the best results

Use the same process

SEO works the same, no matter where you go online, the application may be different, but it's all essentially the same, so, use the same checklist, over and over again

More Sales

When more people find you because of SEO, you can rapidly increase sales without the extra cost of advertising

What's in the checklist?

A little bit about the checklist

The checklist is basic. It will give you a list of important SEO tasks to complete, simply follow the list for optimal SEO on each Page

12 actionable steps for improved SEO
Simple To Follow
Available as PDF for immediate download
Never forget about SEO again
Lists important items every page must be optimized for
Follow the process to increase your reach and get more traffic

Never Forget A Step Again

A simple checklist like this is ideal for anyone who is distracted a lot or is forgetful. Simply use the checklist and you'll have a good quality, SEO optimized Page every time.

Who is this for?

Anyone who creates content that they want people to find on the search engines.


If you want to get more sales without ads, SEO is the way to go


If you want to grow your practice, you need more patients. Use Educational SEO optimized content to draw in more customers


You want more work from businesses, why not write your own content and offer SEO as a service for customers



I created the SEO checklist to help myself get the fundamentals right.

It's not a comprehensive list by any means. I have more knowledge of SEO, so I didn't include the entire list here and overwhelm you. It's the fundamental SEO items every page MUST include if you want to rank.

SEO -Fundamentals

Get all the checklist to get your SEO just right for the Search Engines