never forget the most essential seo aspects in your posts again

Use the FREE Checklist as you write each post so you NEVER forget the basic SEO Tasks again

Keep the checklist handy when you write, so you never forget SEO

If you want your Blog posts to be found online, you need to have SEO aspects in place. Having the keywords placed in the right place can make a big difference

What's Useful About This Guide?

Print it out and have it handy.  When you’re rushed to meet deadlines or just rushed in general, the last thing you think about is SEO, but if you want better results with minimal extra work, just the absolute essentials will help.


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The Checklist Will Help:

Improve the odds of Ranking Higher in Google Following This Simple Checklist

If you only had the time to do the most essential of SEO tasks, then these are the 5 things that I would recommend everyone does.  They take next to no time, and anyone can do it.


Step One

Ensure that your main keyword is included in the tile of your blog post


Step Two

Make sure to include the main keyword of your post in the first paragraph


Step Three

Make sure to use your main keyword in H3 and H4 subtitles and sprinkle in post


Step Four

Make sure the post metadata includes in the main keyword in title and description


Step Five

Make sure you add the main post keyword in the image ALT Tags of every post

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