Let's Build a Shopify Store From Scratch (In Less Than 3 Hours)

Most of us hate reading a lot of text.  So, I’ve broken everything down into sections.  Watch each video, and take action while you’re watching.  Do me a favor.  Open a video, when the first thing is done, pause the video.  If you didn’t get something, rewind and watch it again, then pause the video again and go take action.

By the time you finish watching this series of videos, you’ll have a fully functional Shopify store.  The below playlist takes you through the general overview, a few of the processes involved in getting started and it tells you a bit about the history of eCommerce, where we are now and how to position your eCommerce business in the online world.

Below the playlist you’re going to find my step by step Shopify store setup videos.  We don’t have time to wait, so let’s get to the nitty-gritty and get shit DONE!