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When you’re trying to find the right tools to get a job done, it can be quite frustrating.  There are so, so many options that it can easily get overwhelming.

I created this page to bring all the tools and other things I use in my business onto this one page.  I like to simplify and create convenience for the people I serve. 

I hope you find this page useful.

If there are tools or services not listed here that you recommend or want featured, leave a comment or send me a message.

We use these tools in our business everyday,
we believe in them, that's why they're listed here


That means – If you click on a link to a site and make a purchase, I may make a small commission, all at no extra cost to you.

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I find it best to systemize my business, so that I’m never wondering how to do something.  I want quick, easy and efficient content creation to happen daily.

So I’ve created templates,worksheets,checklists and use workflow management solutions in the following project Management tool.


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Quantcast is a great tool for seeing people’s buying habits and what they prefer to buy all over the web

Facebook Insights

Facebook insights is great for learning more about your target demographics, their interests and family details

Google Trends

Google Trends is great for checking on the trends of markets or interest in products or services over time


There are quite a few keyword research tools available.  We’d love to only use Google’s Free keyword tool, but we’ve come to realize that Google no longer provides accurate, in depth information.  Their results are more like averages.

We can’t work with averages when we want detailed, accurate data to begin a marketing process, so we rely on exterior tools that give us the results we want.

Our Keyword Research Kit Includes 3 Tools

We’ve got a structured process for the depth at which we do keyword research. 

It all depends on the campaign and the objectives.  We target keywords based on the customer avatars we’ve created and then build out content to attract leads to our web properties.

Raven Tools

A full suite of Tools allowing us to do in depth Keyword Research.

traffic travis seo research tool for free

Traffic Travis

A great FREE Tool for you to start off your Keyword Research.

semrush seo research tool

SEM Rush

Keyword Analysis, Competitive Analysis and in depth Keyword Research Tool

traffic travis keyword tool

Legal Paperwork

We’ve established we have a good business idea.  There is demand for the product/service we want to provide.

We’ve done our keyword research and now want to get the business started.

The first step to get started, is deciding on a business name. 

You can actually do a domain search, then see if you can use the domain name as your business name.  It’s not necessary, but makes life simpler.

Legal Documentation

You can’t run a business until you’ve registered it.  We’ve linked to places where you can do all of that and also where you can get legal documentation for your site and copyright protection for the content you place online.  

Business Registration

In order to run your business, it must be registered with your local authorities, before you can make money. 

Legal Policies

Whenever you place content on the web, you must be legally compliant and have all the necessary legal policies in place.

Content Protection

Thieves are online and want to steal content.  Use DMCA to protect your content and lay Copyright Complaints.

Website Development

Wherever you host your website or if you’re launching a new one, we can help.  We primarily work with WordPress and help you create your business from scratch, with nothing more than an idea.

It’s a lot of work, but it can be so, so rewarding.

Domain Time

There’s three options for you to choose from.  It depends on your level of patience really.  I say, use one platform, get everything you need setup and working in the least ammount of time.  

I’m linking you to my best recommendation below.

Register A Domain & Install WordPress

If you’ve got your domain name in mind, then click through to one of our preferred partners below and get it registered.

As soon as it’s registered, install WordPress on it.  (Normally as easy as 1-click to install).  First Time installing WordPress?  See this Blog post for step by step instructions.


Namecheap happens to be one of the cheapest domain name registrars for a long time running.


With awesome support and millions of satisfied customers, I will always bet on Hostgator for great service


Another Large Hosting SupplierGodaddy has been around for a long time and grows daily.  Good Alternative to explore.

Time To Build Your Site

I trust you’re familiar with WordPress and installing it.  If not, I suggest you go read my Blog Post, that shows you how.

Once you’ve got WordPress installed and ready to work, it’s time to get a theme installed.

I’m linking to my preferred resource for themes and plugins to start off with. 

Choose A Theme Provider

I’ve used multiple Theme Providers over the years.  I only recommend the ones that you will get the most benefit from.

All, of these suppliers are great at supporting, and answering any questions you have about your theme.

Thrive Themes offer a complete set of plugins that give you everything you need to build a business in WordPress.

WPEngine is famous for the Genesis Framework & Studiopress Themes, you’ll find everything you need to build a Website.

DIY Themes focus on speed, flexibility and stay on trend with what’s happening in the world of digital media.

Content Creation

Content creation is where a lot of people get stuck.

We understand that it can be hard to run your business, manage staff, inventory and who knows how much else.  

The last thing you still want to do is spend hours creating content, which may not even work, let alone all the promotion that’s involved after the content is created.

Let us help in the process.

Content Generation

Creating content for your business is increasingly important if you want to attract leads to your business.

Inbound content creation is at the font of all SEO efforts.

PPC Campaigns bring in quick wins, but Inbound SEO efforts win more traffic and business over time.

Stories and articles still bring in lots of traffic from search engines where people go looking for answers to their problems.

Coming up with regular Blog Posts about your business can be quite a strain on your regular schedule, rather outsource it.

If your sales pages don’t convey your message properly, in a convincing manner, you won’t make sales.

Putting technical specs in product descriptions, doesn’t tell a site visitor enough about your product

Video Content has become increasingly popular on the web.  Your business needs to be everywhere to attract leads.

Hand over all your content writing to an experienced team of professionals with years of experience.

Workflows, Templates, Checklists


Blogging is at the heart of my Business, it’s the hub, from where all my content flows outwards and traffic links back to.

Find blogging resources to help you plan and organize a structured blogging process, workflows to run your business, and of course, social media templates!

I am busy creating more resources all the time so check back often!