On Page SEO Checklist




When you’re writing Blog posts, the last thing on your mind is putting all the important SEO factors in place.  Your focus is on creativity and getting your story onto paper to share with the world.

To reach the world though, requires excellent quality content and SEO best practices to make sure that you not only keep your audience happy, but you also need to ensure the search indexing bots of search engines will crawl and properly index your content

Once your content is written, you can use our handy on-page to do list to check and make sure ALL the important stuff is done, giving your content the best chance of ranking in search engines.


This checklist will help you:


  • Check you’ve done the research
  • Know the intent behind the search
  • Have variations of the keyword added
  • Added semantic words – ie: closely related words added
  • Check if you’ve added the keyword to titles
  • Check if you optimized images
  • Check if you’ve optimized metadata


We can continue but you get the gist of it.  The list covers the all important factors to implement for each page and post.  There’s more to do, so you can learn more from our blog.  Be sure to subscribe for valuable tips, hacks and more educational content.


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