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Optinonk Lead Generation platform

Have You Heard Of Optimonk?

We’ve all heard that conversational marketing is the way to go these days.  People want personalized marketing and conversations tailored to their needs.

That’s so true!  That’s also why I wanted to introduce you to an application called Optimonk.

What is Optimonk?

Optimonk is an application (app) that you install on your website, used for lead generation.  This applies especially for early stage visitors, ie: cold traffic that’s still looking around.

What is the main problem that 99% of website owners face?

It’s that some site visitors leave a site without taking any action.

If you’ve spent money on ads to get people to your site, this can seriously affect your budget due to a loss of revenue.

This is where Optimonk has stepped in and hope to help solve the problem.  Let’s have a quick look at the platform in this introductory Video:

It’s great having a service like this to help you get more leads.  The most important thing you can do is get leads into an email list as soon as possible. 

If you have a solution that can do this while people are still searching for solutions, products or services, then it’s perfect.

What Does Optimonk Do?

One thing that Optimonk is designed to do really well; to prevent people from leaving your site without taking “some kind” of action.

The ultimate goal like we’ve already mentioned, is to get them into an email list.  You can then nurture the person/visitor for a long time and generate repeat sales over and over again.  You can do this for as long as the person remains on your list.

What can you do with Optimonk?

Optimonk enables you to do things that should come naturally. Sometimes though, we need a program or app like it to simplify things to a point where it becomes very easy to implement ourselves.

One of the most important things each of us needs to understand about each visitor to our website is their journey to getting there and how they navigate through your site.

Optimonk allows you to create a perfect customer journey through your website. From the moment a visitor first arrives on your site, all the way through to a sale.

Here’s a list of things you can do in Optimonk:

  • Create urgency – People don’t like losing out on opportunities. Optimonk makes it easy to create a sense of urgency for your offers, sales or whatever else you need.
  • Promote Offers – Hey!  You are creating offers, aren’t you? Running sale, special and deal offers are some of the best ways of attracting new customers.
  • Exit Intent &Cart Abandonment Popups – We all do it.  Head towards that close button with the cursor, suddenly there’s a popup, teasing us with something we probably don’t REALLY need, but it’s presented in such a way that we think “Cool, I’ll take that, it’s just going to cost me entering my email address.” With Optimonk, it’s super easy to create popups that will activate anytime someone on your site moves the cursor towards the exit or back buttons.
  • You Can Recommend Products – People are already looking for products and services.  What if you could automatically have them recommended while the site visitor is browsing your site? 

Well, it is possible.  You just set it up once and Optimonk will run the recommendations automatically for you.

The most important asset you can build for your business, is your email list

The truth of the matter is this.  You cannot rely on Google, Facebook, Youtube or anything else for the longevity of your business.  You need an asset that you have total ownership of, that’s your email list.

Your email list is the one thing that you can send emails to and create revenue for yourself at will.  You need to respect every person on your list as the individual they are.

Nurture them, respect them for their patience and offer them:

  • Information
  • Education
  • Advice
  • Deals
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Make their lives easier
  • Entertain them

Above all else, NEVER ever SPAM them.

Growing your list is easy with Optimonk

There are quite a few lists and groups that you can create.  I can mention quite a few, but there’s only so many that really matter.

Using Optimonk, you can easily add contacts to:

  • Email Lists
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Text/Phone Contact Lists

Get feedback from Customers in the form of surveys

What’s the best way to improve your service or website?  Ask the people using it! 

With Optimonk, it’s easy to get feedback from your site visitors and learn what frustrates them, what they like and where there’s room for improvement.

Make Announcements

It’s far easier to keep existing customers than it is getting new ones.  So, when you start growing your list, you need to make sure you always let them know of any upcoming events, sales, workshops, courses or whatever else you have going on.

Remember, the customers signed up to your email list and want to be included in your community, never leave them uninformed.

That doesn’t mean you should spam them every time you have something new happening.  Let them know in advance, say a month or so in advance should do it. 

Send out a calendar of events for the Year and if there are changes during the year, add a notification in a newsletter.

Make announcements on your website so that customers can see for themselves.

*HINT – Customers prefer self service*

Optimonk makes it very easy to make announcements on your site too.

Redirection to and from sections or sites

Let visitors find what they are looking for on their own.  Be the guide and allow Optimonk to be the tool that allows the visitors to navigate anywhere they want to go.

Redirecting customers to various sections or sites is super simple with Optimonk.

Lead Generation/Capture Forms

The simplest designs, requiring the least input often convert the best for lead generation.  Optimonk has a lot of clean, simple Templates and Forms for lead capture/generation purposes.

Setting up a lead capture form is as simple as choosing a design, dragging and dropping a few elements, changing the text and images and you’re good to go. 

All of this can be done in less than 10 minutes flat!

Embedding Optimonk on your site

Optimonk provides the visual building blocks for you to build your marketing tools on their platform.  When you finish designing your marketing materials, you’re given a few lines of code to insert into your site.

You can design:

  • Buttons
  • Links
  • Popups
  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Capture Forms, etc, etc

This means that all the marketing action takes place on your website, but you use the tools supplied by Optimonk to put it all together on their platform.

To make it all work, paste a few lines of code on your site, and let the magic happen!

Want More Sales?

Have a quick, look at the demo video below:

If you’re ready to make more sales, want to build your own marketing stack and generate more leads for your business, then have a look at Optimonk in more detail.

Head on over to the site to see exactly how it works, learn the platform inside an out, then decide if it’s the right fit for your business.

You can start with their FREE plan and upgrade when you are ready.

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