Lead Generation: What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation just means that you’re actively going out of your way to attract prospective clients to contact your business.

Every business needs new business and leads are the source of this new business.  Without new leads being generated, a business can quickly struggle to make ends meet if there isn’t a consistent flow of income.

How to get leads?


There are many ways of getting leads into your business, and we’ll cover the top 10 strategies here.

  1. Add contact forms to your website – although this is a no brainer, some smaller businesses fail to check that their contact forma actually work. Although contact forms have become a bit outdated, they still work.  Just be sure to add a recaptcha app to prevent spam.
  1. Use a Chatbot on your site – have it connected to your social media channels. Chatbots are a great way to interact with your customers at the moment they’re on your website. Program your bot to ask a few qualifying questions to make sure you’re getting the right type of lead into your CRM.
  1. Create a Blog – A blog is a great lead generation tool. The more SEO optimized content you create, the better you will do at attracting leads organically.
  1. Run a Giveaway – give something away to attract leads to your business.
  1. Host a Contest – attract leads by giving something away in a contest
  1. Run a YouTube Channel – be creative and start a YouTube Channel, post creative, educational content and drive them back to your business, this is a great way to attract qualified leads
  1. Answer questions in forums – this is another great way to get leads to your business, find out what questions they are asking, and answer them – linking back to your business of course.
  1. Engage in social Media Groups – Places like Facebook groups are an awesome way to find like-minded people to interact with and generate leads. Post relevant content and people will naturally gravitate towards your Facebook Profile to see who you are and what you do.
  1. Host a Podcast – if you create written content and have videos with good quality audio, why not use the same audio in a podcast. You will extend your reach and get more leads.
  1. Collaborate with others in the same or related industries – reach out to people you admire in your space, see if you can collaborate or host them on your own video channel or podcast.

Those are only 10 possible ways you could generate leads for your business.  There are tons of other ways I haven’t even touched.  If you start with the above, you are sure to get leads in a very short space of time.

I’m getting Leads – What do I do with them?

If you’re getting leads, that’s great.  What you want to do is quickly introduce yourself and keep them engaged, otherwise you’ll lose them quicker than you got them.

How do you do it?  The answer is simple – email automation.

Just be careful though. 

People already get bombarded with hundreds if not thousands of emails a year.  Most of them start out good enough, but soon become nothing more than a constant stream of desperate sales pitches.


Here’s the deal – in order to keep your leads, offer value, don’t sell!

If you have to sell, then at least send 3 – 5 value packed emails before you pitch your first product.  I would prefer you don’t pitch at all in your emails.

All you should be doing is providing value packed information and drive them to the places where your offers exist and they can decide if they want to take the next step.

If you push too hard, the unsubscribe link becomes an easy way for the customer to stop you, so don’t even go there.

The other thing you need to do from the very beginning is get to know their interests.  How do you do it?

Soon after you welcome people into your list, sent them the first 2 emails and make the 3rd one a survey asking them what they’re interested in learning more about or what they like to do.

Tag them based on their interests and have segments for each interest.  Sort your database of contacts by interest and try keep all your content related to those interests.


How to sort leads


Most of the decent email programs, for instance Mailchimp, (which is what I use all the time) allows you to send out content and tag and segment contacts based on their actions or interests.

You can create groups too.  So as responses pour back into your database, your information and contacts are automatically segmented and organized for you.

You can even go in and manually edit contacts if you need to if you interacted with them and saw that they shared an interest with you in any way.


Which is better segments, groups or tags?


Segments are for distinguishing an industry or type of business for instance if you serve B2B or B2C, you use a different segment for each if he entire customer base is different in each.

Groups can be separated by the general interest within your contact list, but tags allow you to sort your contacts based on their interests, purchases and any other activity you want as they start interacting with your business.

Think of groups and segments like a net, while tags are the individual hooks and lines catching fish.


What to send to leads?


What you want to do with your leads is send them content, frequently, but not too frequently.  It would be best to survey them and find out how often they would like content from you.

Typically 2-3 posts a week would be fine, some prefer less, some don’t mind more, but you need to ask your own list, because not all lists are the same.

You can notify them of:

  • New posts on your site
  • New products
  • Promotions or sales
  • Business news
  • Anything interesting

The goal is to keep the entertained, interested and offer value.  You can actually plan all of this ahead of time and setup your email system to send out emails at pre-determined times.

Keep your leads coming back to your site with call to actions at the end of all your content.  You want to drive them back to your site.

How to get more leads form existing ones


Once your database starts growing, over time, you can start incentivising your older customers to start talking to others and refer your business to them.

Give your loyal customers something, then ask them to promote your business, by telling their friends and family.

If you can, setup a referral program and reward all of the customers who send you any new business.  It’s a win-win situation.  It costs less to get loyal customers to drive new business than it is for you to do it yourself.

Referral business happens to be a lot better than business gotten through ads.  Why, referrals are more trusting because they have been referred by someone who has already deals with you.


It’s not hard to get leads into your business.  All you need to do, is create a strategy to go out and implement some of the ideas we’ve shared with you here.  Choose 1-2 ideas, implement and once they are working, add 2 more and pretty soon, you’ll have a nice lead generation system going.

Lead generation is a consistent effort, so you need to have a system and you also need to be working the system every day.  There should never be a day that goes by that you aren’t doing something to generate leads for your business.

With the abundant methods available to us through technology, there’s no excuse not to be generating leads.

Let me know what you think.  What Lead generation strategies would you recommend that work the fastest of your business?

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