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Are You Using Email Marketing?: Some businesses rely solely on email marketing to grow!


Keep customers coming back through your doors



Email Marketing has been around forever.  It’s still around, because it works.


Email marketing allows you to grow and nurture relationships with your customers.


No-one buys from you the first time they get in contact with you.  In fact, 96% of people landing on your site will never come back if you don’t grab their attention or offer them an incentive to keep on hearing from you, or for you to send them updates.

Provided you have something of value to give a site visitor the first time they land on your site, and they have an interest in what you’re offering, you will struggle to grow your email list.


We work with 3 platforms across our web properties for various reasons:


  1. For New Sites:  We use Mailchimp – Free Email, Landing Pages and Automation
  2. For established Sites: We use Aweber – Automation, Landing Pages and a lot more
  3. For Growing Sites: We use Getresponse –  Automated Funnels, Landing Pages, Automation, Templates etc   



For Marketing cleints who want to hand off the whole marketing process and just benefit from increased revenue, we use a single platform from which we launch all types of marketing activities, including email marketing.



We Deliver Marketing Results



We will be able to grow your knowledge base with everything included with Customer Data Platform, plus you have access to:


  • Smart Messages: Respond automatically to customer behavior with targeted campaigns.
  • Targeted Email Marketing: Send up to 50,000 targeted email campaigns.
  • Walk-Through Tracking: Track real-world performance of your marketing programs.
  • Profile Enrichment: Automatically enhance guest profiles with demographic information.


Respond automatically to customer behavior with targeted email campaigns that boost business.


Send targeted emails to lists of any size with up to 50,000 campaigns.


Strengthen customer segmentation through behavior based labels.


Gain additional customer insights through hotspot surveys.


Know the ROI of any emails sent based on actual foot traffic with Walk-Through Metrics.


Profile enrichment automatically enhances guest profiles with demographic info.


We help you grow your business
from planning to implementation.

Digital Marketing

From planning your campaign, to launching it to the web, we work with you every step of the way.

Content Marketing

All the content we create for you is logged, tracked, distributed, and reported on.

SEO & Google Ads

The right ad can launch your business to multiple figures per month.  Our professional Ad Strategists know how.

Social Media Marketing

It can be tough to see results, but timing is everything.  The right message at the right time makes a difference.

Our Process

We simplify everything so that you never get confused or overwhelmed.

Get a Quote

Sign Contract

Plan and Schedule


Analytics and reports are the only way that you’re going to know what’s working for your business.  We’ve found the most success with the two tools that we use, but for SEO content, we stick with Monsterinsights.  

Tracking is a breeze with this tool, and it allows us to capitalize on content that’s working and create more of the same.

When capitalizing on content that works, you can rapidly scale your business to multiple figures.


We’re proud to partner with
globally loved brands.

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Get More Traffic
Make More Sales

It goes without saying, that the more traffic (visitors) you bring to your website, the better your chances are of converting one or more of the visitors into sales.  

We live, breathe and think Marketing from sunrise to sunset, then we still think and act on our marketing objectives, day in and day out. Marketing runs in our blood.

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