Is This Right For Me?

  • Easy Drag and Drop Site Builder
  • Pixel Perfect Rendering on Any Device
  • Multiple Tools Bundled at 1 x Low Cost

Want to know if this is the right tool for you, and if you'll get help?

Of all the platforms I’ve tried before (hubspot, sugarly, bitrix, getresponse, and mailchimp), none of them come close to giving you what you need to grow your business.

Builderall is the one platform I use.

I am using elements of the platform for the things I want to.

Start with a trial, then if you don’t like it, you can move on to another platform, but believe me, once you’ve tried it, you probably won’t move, it’s that good!

You can of course go straight to the platform and sign up yourself, but I have a few gifts, for you scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.

If you sign up using my link, then send me proof.

I will get you onto the site, help you get your domain registered and help you build your site.

I will even share my very own sales funnel with you for FREE.

Yes, there are 30 Day refund guarantees on all their packages.

If you’re worried before you start, get in touch with me on skype to chat: alistairvermaak

I’ll be here to help you all the way.

Trust us, if you have any question about the platform, someone has probably answered it already.

There are tutorials for everything. 

When you login to get started, you’ll be presented with training to get comfortable with the platform, then as you need to, you can slowly start using more and more tools, until you’re settled in.

You can always get in touch with their support, visit their YouTube channel, or get in touch with me on Skype:  alistairvermaak

Absolutely.  We’ve got a video covering the migration process, as well as YouTube instructional videos to help and guide you.

It’s best to use the tools supplied within the Builderall platform, but there’s no reason why you can’t create videos, animations, graphics, magazines and eBooks for distribution somewhere else.

You can use it all in Shopify, WordPress, Wix, Social Media or anywhere else you want.

Yes you can, we’ve got tutorials and videos to do just that.

If you get stuck, you can log a ticket with the support staff who are always more than willing to answer any questions you have.

Definitely.  In the business plan, you can recruit your own affiliates and have them market your business for you, plus, you get to make commissions on their sales too.

When you join, you’ll get access to other people already using the platform, plus others who are the backbone of the whole business.

It’s people who use Builderall everyday that you can ask questions.

The support center responds quickly, but asking in Facebook or on Twitter, via Skype with me or even over whatsapp will get you quicker answers.

Never Feel alone on a New Platform

It can be intimidating getting started with new software.  Don’t stress though.  Our onboarding training will have you working within our platform like a PRO in no time at all.


here's whats included

Everything you need to create a stunning website.
All the Tools you need to attract leads.
Tools to Grow Your Business.

Need Individual Tools? Message Us!

Site Builder

The Easiest Site Builder You’ll ever use.  Just drag and drop all the elements you need onto your website.  Easy as ABC.

Funnel Mapping

Create a visual outline for your funnel, then let the software automatically create your site round your objectives.

Funnel Creation

Crete your funnel and set it free to go to work and nurture leads over time until they’re ready to buy from you.

Video Animation

Create your own animation characters and use them to explain your business to prospective customers.

Floating Video

Record a video and have it float above any page on your site, while you convey a specific message to your site visitors.

Video Wrapping

Create a video, then add stickers, text and other information onto your videos for added information and effect.


Host your own webinar right on the platform and add it to your website, host it on social media or record it to YouTube.


Present your business or your product launch to prospective customers, investors or whoever it may be.

Magazine Editor

Create your own magazine or eBook.  Publish it to the web, download and distribute it as a PDF everywhere.

Video Tagging

Put call to action boxes, notice popups, or scrolling features with links directly onto videos you create for easier lead generation.

SEO Reports

Generate your own SEO reports so that you understand how your site is doing in search engines and get actionable advice.

Heat Maps

See where visitors are clicking on your site.  When you know what they’re looking at, you know where to place your content.

App Builder

Create apps for your business or for customers directly in the platform, then deploy them to apple and Google Play stores.

Mockup Creator

Got an idea, and want to see how it will look on real products?  Use the mockup tool to see how it will look without production costs.

Script Generator

Want to say something to your customers in email, blog posts etc, but have no idea what to say.  Use the script generator for ideas.

Email Marketing

Create marketing lists, put subscribers onto lists and send regular email to them to make more sales over time.


If you’ve got the phone numbers of your clients and they’re on WhatsApp, you can send messages to them.


Put browser notifications to work for you.  Grow your list on your website and broadcast messages when necessary.


Collect customer data, score them, segment them, communicate with them, sell to them and make more sales on demand.

Photo Studio

Use the photo studio to touch up images, add effects, create logos and set your imagination free to create new content.

Digital Courses

Create your own digital courses to teach your customers how to use your products or services, or start your own business, teaching.


Easily create a web store with Magento.   Stock and sell anything you wish, whether it be physical or digital.

Content Locking

Sometimes you just want people to do something for you, without asking for too much.  Content locking helps.

Social Proof

People trust a business more, if others trust it too.  Social proof popups are a great way to build trust in your business.

FB ChatBots

Use Facebook Chatbots as  way to automate customer interaction and deliver content to them quicker and easier.

Site Bot

If you don’t want to send customers to Facebook, then an individual bot is the answer for your business.

SMS Messages

Everyone has a cellphone capable of receiving text messages.  Use text messages as yet another way to stay in touch with customers.

SM Scheduling

Posting manually to social media is a time waste.  Schedule posts to go out at pre-set times and get on with more important stuff.

IG Autorespond

Don’t waste time logging into Instagram everyday to respond to messages.  Let the responder do it, then log in when you have time.


Engage with your customers and let them play your roulette game to spin and win a specific coupon.  Just for fun!


                                   Now for the best part!

We created the list below:

Funnel mapping – $47

Funnel builder – $97

Animation software – $15

App creation – FREE

Browser notifications – $18

Content locker – $13

Copy generator – $49

Ecommerce – $29

Fb chatbot – $15

Floating video – $29

Magazine creator – $59

Mockup generator –  $15

Photo studio – Free

Presentation studio – FREE

Sitebot – $15

Sms messaging – Varies

Site builder – FREE

Webinar software – $49

Whatsapp messaging- $49

Social media posting – FREE

Crm – FREE

Course creation – FREE (But you pay comm)

Heat click mapping – $10

Instagram autoresponder – $9

Mailing software – FREE

Seo reports- FREE

Roulette coupons – FREE

Social proof- $29

Video tagging – FREE

Video wrapping – $9

TOTAL:  $556

That was quite a list and the total pricing was a shocker, even for me, after using various tools.

You’ve seen what’s included in the platform.  It’s quite an extensive list and it includes everything you need.

All this for a mere $69.90 per month.  [HOLY CRAP!@#$ – That’s a $486.10 Saving].  I could definitely do with that in my pocket every month, wouldn’t you?

Just understand, most of the other tools also have subscriptions, so this is still a great deal.

The platform designers are constantly improving and adding features, which get passed onto subscribers at no additional cost.

It’s  a great deal.  Go sign up now and get started on your business.

If you’re not ready to commit, why not go for the 7 Day Free Trial, see how it works, then decide.

There’s no risk involved.  All packages come with a 30 Day money back Guarantee.


There are three ways you can sign up with Builderall.

The lower Tier for general hobbyists at $29.

That gets you a domain on the platform to build a website and access to email.

I really can’t do much for you, because you don’t have the capability to allow Virtual Assistants to help you on that package.



If you only want to sign up as an affiliate, you can do so for $50 per year.  I think that’s a fair deal.  After all, you get training and everything you need to make a success as an affiliate marketer on the platform.

If you join my team, I will get you into my Facebook Group.  There you’ll get to learn how to start from scratch, start learning some free traffic methods to begin with, then move on to paid traffic to really scale your business FAST.

I’ll give you assignments, workbooks, checklists and just about everything you need to succeed.

Be warned, I run a tight ship.  If you mess around and waste my time, you’ll be booted out to fend for yourself.

Sign up here as an affiliate.  

Reach out to me here on the site, using the messenger button.  Provide proof that you paid as an affiliate, then I’ll allow you in the group and we can start working.

The Builderall Business Package

This package gives you access to all the tools necessary to build your business and give access to virtual assistants to help you with your site and everything else you need for your business.

Limited Time offer:  I will do all of this for you, for FREE if you commit to staying on the package for at least 3 months.

Sign up for the package using this link, and I will help you for FREE:

  • Select and install a template
  • Help you create a funnel
  • Help you create your first video
  • Help you setup a facebook chatbot or a sitebot

I am also available to run your entire site for you, including marketing services at discounted rates.

You will need to provide proof of purchase and allow me to get access to your account in order to do the work for you.

Whats also great about the business package, is that you’re immediately an affiliate too.  That means you can also promote the platform and recruit affiliates to market your business too.

Individual Components

If You do not want to go with Builderall, we have individual components that we can help you with.

Anything from email marketing to site building, google listings, Facebook marketing and google ads.

Just get in touch and tell us what you need.

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