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Text Content

Written and visual content takes time to create.  With a team of content writers and a lot of guest posters, we’re able to deliver written content to clients on a daily basis.  We write, Blog posts, Product Descriptions, Articles, Reports, Comparisons, Collect Survey data, Collate Data, Create Charts, Create slides, Presentations, Brochures, Videos, Animation, Giphs and so much more.  

Out Sourced Content Creators

From a technology perspective, the world is a small place.  We’re interconnected with the internet across borders with people all over the world.  We can now chat instantly with anyone, anywhere.  That’s why we believe in outsourcing labor.  We manage creators from a central platform.  This allows them the freedom to be creative, while still having time to be with their loved ones.  This allows, for a richer, more meaningful existence for those who choose to work with us.  We have no contracts, no limits, but have expectations and have deadlines.

Timely Project Delivery

Project Delivery Schedules

Our clients give us their expectations.  We negotiate the best suitable timeline, which allows us to set realistic expectations of our employees.  Once the goals for the project is finalized, the task is delegated to responsible leaders.  they oversee the completion of the project and delivery to Quality controllers.  We ensure that the delivered details match your expectations, we check for consistency, brand voice, image quality and any other stipulated requirements are factored into the QC process.

 ​Digi Powers Testimonial – From Our Team

“ I’ve tried interns, and talent marketplaces but the community of writers and helpful staff here have exceeded my expectations every time. The writers learn my and my client needs, the team communicates quickly, and the billing is fair. I have no need to look elsewhere. In the last few years I’ve had thousands of words of copy across multiple subjects from vacuum cleaners to business strategy and they always deliver.”

DigiPowers has helped create and market websites and apps for nutrition programs, best-selling books, network television shows, medical health programs, editorial and spiritual magazines, music and entertainment companies, the sustainable fashion industry, and environmental initiatives.

Aaron Mandelbaum, Chief Strategy Officer,

DigiPowers, Inc.

 Services We Offer

Packaged Text Content

eBooks, Brochures, Pamphlets, Reports, Articles, Newsletters, Blog Posts, Lists, Etc

Visual Content Creation

Video Creation, Photography, Infographics, Presentations, Logos, Business cards, Etc.

Marketing Content Creation

Email Sequences, Blog Posts, Product Descriptions, Social Media Posts,  Chatbot Text, Etc. 

How Do I Get Started?

Tell Us Your Needs

What does your business struggle with?  What do you need?  What don’t you have the skills to do? What would you rather outsource?

We Do The Work

We create a task list.  We delegate the right tasks to the most talented team leader.  They delegate, check, follow up and deliver the work.

You Pay For Results

​We do the QC, you check that you’re happy with the results and pay for the work as agreed before we began.

Stop Trying To Do It All Yourself 

Do what you’re good at and outsource the rest.  Focus on building your business and grow it faster.   Know that you other needs are being taken care of by competent outsourced staff.

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Don’t go without content creation

Your business needs to have content created in order for you to generate traffic and leads coming to your business.  Either in the form of content or ads.

Did You Know This?

60% of marketers create some form of content every, single day?  Video and visual content work the best.

Very difficult to do yourself, that’s why outsourcing works.

Content marketing costs 62% less to create, yet, creates up to 3x more leads for a business.

Source:  demandmetric

Conversion Rates for content marketers are 6x higher compared to those those who don’t create content?

Source:  aberdeen

Content Marketing Works

 Creating the right mix of content can increase your lead generation from 3 – 6% and really help you improve your profits.

  • checkHave more content created to increase brand awareness
  • checkAppeal to different audiences and attract more leads
  • checkMake more sales, drive growth and expand

Increase Awareness

The more people know about your business, the more business you’ll do with them.

Generate Engagement

The more engagement you have with people, the more word of mouth referrals you’ll generate.

Lead Generation

The more content you have, the more leads you’ll generate because you appeal to different audiences.

Be Where Your Audience is: Mobile u0026amp; Social

People have their mobile device in their hands or in their pockets all day long.  If not, it’s normally in arm’s length and at the slightest beep, it’s back in their hands.  We optimize content creation for mobile devices, it’s the future and any brand that doesn’t adapt risks being left behind.  Don’t let that happen to you.

Facebook Ad Managers

If your business struggles to make Facebook Ads work, maybe you need some help.  We do this for many businesses and have helped them turn unprofitable ad campaigns into revenue sources that help them scale and grow their businesses rapidly.

If it’s something you want help with, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to help you.

Ready To Generate More Leads?

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