Chatbot Design

Are you using a Chatbot?  Adding a Chatbot to your website can drastically improve your conversion rates. 

On average 96% of site visitors leave a website within a few seconds without ever coming back.

By adding a Chatbot to your home page, your related pages and your blog, you can quickly address any questions site visitors may have.


Once you have their attention you can also start the sales process by delivering content and guiding the visitor into your funnel.

New lead details can be directed to your CRM for you to follow up later or you can even have sales happen directly within messenger platforms.

2 Chatbot Choices


When it comes to Chatbots, you can have the interactions take place on your site, or you can have all the data stored on a third party platform.

I mention two choices of Chatbots because some people don’t want to be directed to another platform or sign in anywhere else in order to receive information or interact with your business.

By adding a Chatbot to your home page, your related pages and your blog, you can quickly address any questions site visitors may have.

By adding a Chatbot to your home page, your related pages and your blog, you can quickly address any questions site visitors may have.

By adding a Chatbot to your home page, your related pages and your blog, you can quickly address any questions site visitors may have.

Strategy Planning

Trying to begin your Marketing Journey on any Platform or any type of medium requires a Planned Strategy.  If you don’t have a solid plan of action, you’ll be wasting time and doing unnecessary tasks, possibly also wasting time and money.  We’ll help you create strategies for all aspects of your Marketing Activities.

Inbound Marketing

We create SEO optimized content to attract the right customers.

Social Media Marketing

We distribute content, listen, engage and follow up with leads.

Paid Advertising

Account, Campaign, Keywords, Analytics and Lead Management

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Instagram Management

Not everyone has the time or means to spend time on Instagram Everyday. This is one platform that requires daily activity. We'll manage content creation, posting and engagement.

Pinterest Management

Pinterest is a visual search engine, filled with beautiful imagery. The search function works similar to any search engine. We create, post and engage on the platform daily to keep engagement levels growing.

Our Services

Brand Strategy

Are you still trying to get your brand established or are you stable, but want help with further awareness? Talk to us, we're sure we can help.

Platform Consistency

Whenyou're online, all your assets need to be similar so that you don't confuse or alientate your customers. We'll help stramline your appearance online.

Digital Marketing

There are many facets to Digital Marketing and it's a very time consuming activity. We put everything into one cohesive, managed process.

Social Media Management

Most people randomly post pictures, memes, videos etc, without a detailed strategy to follow from day to day. We're different, following a documented system.

Fields of Expertise

Graphic Design

Digital Content Creation for Websites & Social Media

Web Development

Website Setup, Design & Content Management

Brand Strategy

Brand Development, Implementation & Management


Web Design, Branding, Social Media & Digital Marketing

Art Direction

Team Head Supervising all Inbound Graphic Projects & Delivery

Team Management

Supervisors are Present Across the Globe, Managed Remotely

Hi There, 

I manage all the day to day activity of my team.  We work in Trello, communicating via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger and email.

Daily schedules and routines, as well as project feedback is all handled in Trello, with updated reports delivered straight into our client’s email inboxes.

Alistair Vermaak

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If your business is focused on the competitive travel niche, we can still help you succeed and grow


The eCommerce industry is growing by the day. Let us help you setup an SEO optimized and conversion focused store.


In the Corporate world, there are lots of opportunities to stand out among the many boring business websites. Let us help you.


Slack Groups

  • Private Access To Our Business Group
  • Always Stay Updated

Team Monitoring

  • See What The Team Is Up To At Any Time
  • Chat With The Team
  • Get Insightful Feedback
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Marketing Your Business




Now that we’ve covered all the types of marketing you can do for your brand, let’s dive into the components that make up a marketing campaign so that you can get started marketing your business.

Components of a Successful Marketing Campaign  



No marketing campaign will work, unless you have a strategy.  So let’s have a look at a few things you will need to do in order to build your strategy:

  • Set Goals
  • Set a Budget
  • Set a timeline
  • Source manpower
  • Market Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Demographic and Psychographic Data
  • Do Keyword Research
  • Build Personas
  • Research the right platforms for content distribution
  • Source content or have it created
  • Map out the distribution process
  • Delegate key functions
  • Delegate brand monitoring teams
  • Delegate engagement teams
  • Monitor
  • Measure
  • Tweak and Optimize

It’s quite a bit to do and it’s a lot of work.  For a small business, it is often too time consuming, or too much work to do.  It can also work out to be very expensive if you try doing everything yourself with available tools.

What are the Options? 


 You can try doing it all yourself, or you can hire an intern to do it all for you.  Even that might not be enough for you to see the traction you want to see.

In that case, you may want to consider talking to a team of marketers that will work outside of your business and get everything done for you.

This will:

  • Give you back your precious time
  • Let you use your resources where they’re most needed
  • Put your focus back on running your business
  • Get more leads in the door
  • Know that your brand and reputation are in good hands

All services in one place


All your content needs taken care of in one place, so you never need to go anywhere else or use multiple teams

Digital Marketing

All aspects of Digital Marketing taken care of on your behalf. From Branding your business, all the way through to delivering leads


Support for you and your business is always available since we're distributed globally and there's always someone awake!

Are you tired?

 I know many business owners that wear multiple hats.  I was guilty of this too.  I tried to spread myself too thin, then never really got anywhere.

I know how it can feel when you’re overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tasks that need to be completed from day to day.

  • Managing production
  • Dealing with client complaints
  • Dealing with employees
  • Dealing with vendors
  • Transportation and Logistic

That’s only five main topics, within each one there’s probably ten to twenty topics of discussion on their own.

Marketing didn’t even feature here.


I want to help you!


As a businessman myself, I completely understand where you are right now.  I was in your shoes.

  • I wanted full control
  • I felt like no-one else could do this properly
  • I wanted to be the only contact in the business
  • I wanted to be front and center of the business
  • I wanted to do everything

What happened to me?  Why am I talking in the past tense about my business?  Well, you see, I burnt out and I quit!

I had an IT Support Business and also did Digital Signage Installations for Various customers.

Being stubborn and not listening to advice, I did everything.  I had long days, long nights, restless sleep and long drives to do everything for my customers.

1 ½ years in, I threw in the towel and told my clients I couldn’t do this anymore.


In Hindsight, It was a Blessing!

When I look back at my failed business, I realized that I had done too much for the business.  I had allowed it to consume my whole life.

There was no work-life balance.  In that line of work, it was all work and nothing else.

That I realize is completely against a wholesome life where work and life are equally balanced.

What I should have done was:

  • Hire assistants
  • Train them
  • Delegate tasks
  • Monitor and Manage
  • Get feedback and guide them

When I understood this process, everything changed.  I moved in a different direction and landed where I am today.


I’m here to help, so, what can I help with?


Let me start by asking – What are you struggling with? 


Are you struggling to get content created for your business?

We can help with that.  We’ll help craft content for your website and all of your social media profiles.


Are you struggling to consistently market, day in and day out?

In order for your marketing efforts to work, you need to either buy ad space, or you need to create and post content every-single day, like clockwork. 

We do this for a living.  We create content, add it to a repository, catalogue everything, and then plan posting by Day, Week, Month, Quarter and Year.


Are you using the Right Platform to Target your Ideal Customers?

If you’re posting content to and running ads on the wrong platforms, then you’re wasting time and money.

With all of our market research and insights within various industries, we know where to find your customers and know what types of content they’re more likely to consume.

Let us help you get in front of the right people, where they congregate online.

Work With Us


Do you have a documented marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy is a bible for your marketing team to know who, what, where, why and how to market your business.  Without a documented process for them to follow, they’re flying blind.

If you don’t have one, you should get one in place.  We can help you craft one that will help you speak to your customers, the right way.


Have you got Specific Goals for your Business?

If you have goals for your business, that’s great!  Are they aligned with your desire for your business growth?

If your goals aren’t specific enough, you’re going to go off the mark.

You need SMART goals.  We’ll help you define goals that are Smart, Measurable, Actionable, Reasonable and Timely.

With the right goals in place, with someone holding each member of the business accountable and measuring performance, your business will be right on track to achieving your goals.


Are you measuring the Right Metrics?

Did someone tell you that likes, follows and shares are the metrics you should care about?  Those are vanity metrics. They may provide information about your awareness and engagement, but not the metrics you should focus on.

The metrics you should care about are:

  • Traffic Sources
  • Referrals
  • Time on Page
  • Bounce Rate
  • Impressions
  • Hits
  • Conversions

If you really want to grow your business, you should focus on one to five metrics.  Get to know them intimately and understand exactly how online activity affects your statistics.

We can help setup tracking pixels, tracking code, compiling records and reports, then help you understand them in Plain English.


What Marketing Guidance or Assistance do you need?

We’ve given you a rough guide to what we do.  But, it’s not all.  We do a whole lot more that we will go into in other Blog Posts. 

Here’s a List of the other services:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Local Business Listings
  • Google My Business Management
  • Facebook Page Management
  • Stationery and other Corporate Media Created
  • Branding of all types
  • Blog Posting and Management
  • Website Development
  • Google and Facebook Ad Management
  • Pinterest and Instagram Management
  • Digital Content Production
  • Labels, Stickers, Box Designs, etc.
  • Product Photography Services

You can probably name a marketing service and we do it.  All that now remains is for you to let us know how we can help you.

I’m sure you could relate do some of the things I said about trying to do everything yourself.

So, let us in, let us help and let go of all that stress associated with marketing your business.


What You’ll Get

The process of working with us is simple really.  We believe in total transparency.

When you decide to sign up with us, you’ll immediately be requested to meet me in person over a zoom call.

I believe we build relationships with the people we can see, have constant communication with and can ask questions anytime.

During the meeting, we’ll get to know one another, how each business operates and exchange information about what our business is about and how we can each benefit from the relationship.


After the Meeting

Once the meeting concludes, you’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire.  In this questionnaire, we ask for details about your business, request content, logos, legal requirements and other important information, so that we can begin our work.


A Dashboard


Once we’ve completed the formalities, you’ll be given access to your own client dashboard, where you can login, view our progress and comment.




We use a number of communication channels:

  • Slack for collaboration and communication
  • Trello for project management and collaboration
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • Gmail/Outlook
  • Calendar for scheduling meetings
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Chatbots
  • Skype
  • Zoom for meetings

We are online from 07h00 to 21h00 daily.  The beauty of marketing is that a lot of it can be automated, but not completely, it still needs the human touch.



You will have access to your own dashboard to monitor our work.  You will also have access to your Trello boards where you can view progress on projects.

With all of the communication channels, it’s easy to get in touch and chat about anything that may be important to share.

Apart from this, we still send weekly and Monthly reports, based on your choices.  We have multiple options, but here are some basic reports you could request:

  • Traffic Reports
  • Engagement Reports
  • Hit Statistics
  • Impressions
  • Sales Reports

As I said, it all depends on your needs.



In this post we covered quite a few things.  Let’s quickly recap.

  • There’s about 40+ types of marketing and counting
  • We went through your options
  • I told you a bit about my story
  • I offered to help market your business
  • I asked you a few questions and told you how I could help
  • I told you a bit about other work we do
  • I told you want you’ll get when working with us

Well, I think that about sums it up for this post.  There’s on piece of advice I would like to close off with.

Marketing can be tough when you try go it alone – There’s just too much for one person to do on their own. 

Don’t try doing it all yourself, you WILL burn out!

I understand this completely.  That is why I’m here, offering to help.  Let’s meet in a zoom chat and let’s see how I can help you overcome your marketing challenges.

If you have any questions whatsoever, use the chatbots to get in touch, we’re responsive and never far from a connected device that will alert us the instant you leave a message.


Most frequent questions and answers

At the moment, in South Africa.  But, since the team any myself can work from anywhere, this can change at any time, but the services you receive will remain the same, and we’re always connected to help you.

We typically have packages for various services.  If you visit our service page, you’ll see cards that flip over.  Each card will show you the price of the service you’re interested in.  So, each client will customize their own package and have a price unique to their business.

We avoid long term contracts.  Sometimes they may be a necessity (domains for instance are charged for annually).  It all depends on the type of service you want.  Let’s have a chat and discuss the options available to you. 

We give you immediate access to a private dashboard that will show you all the services you’ve signed up for.  As we do work, we’re obligated to enter data into the dashboard so that you see a live version of projects being worked on.  You can chat to us while we work, ask questions and get regular feedback.  We also schedule reports to be delivered to you, at the intervals you specify.

To start, get in touch, either using the chatbot to the bottom left or use the Contact form, by clicking on Contact in the menu above.  You can also scroll down to the footer and find other ways of communicating with us.  We’ve tried to cover all the communication channels, to make it as easy as possible for you to get the help you need.



When it comes to chatbots, you can have the interactions take place on your site, or you can have all the data stored on a third party platform.

I mention two choices of chatbots because some people don’t want to be directed to another platform or sign in anywhere else in order to receive information or interact with your business.

The on-site chatbot is one where everything happens on your website or platform and the customer isn’t required to log into another third party platform in order to have questions answered or to receive content.

Bear in mind, many people want instant gratification.  So the best thing to do, is to run both types of bots on your site, see which works best for you, then stick with one type.

Choosing A Chatbot


Chatbot Platforms

Here you have two choices again – code based platforms or no-code platforms.

No-Code Platforms

Choosing a chatbot type can be daunting if you don’t have the necessary programming skills to create your own from scratch.

That’s why there are so many no-code chatbot platforms that have sprung up over the years.

They make it really simple for you to create a chatbot with minimal input.  Some come with predesigned templates that are already designed for your type of business.  All you need to do is activate it.

We’ll introduce you to a few platforms and also show you how to design your own chatbot below.  Keep reading!


Code Based Platforms



If you’re the technical type and love to dig into the lines of code to see how things work at a deeper level, then you may already be familiar with

  • Microsoft Bot Framework
  • Facebooks Code Framework
  • Amazon’s Coding Platform

I’ve only mentioned the big 3 at this point.  If you dig a little deeper on the web, I’m sure you’ll come across hundreds, if not thousands of other programming platforms that will allow you to program your own bot.

Messaging Platforms

When I talk about messaging platforms, you can probably guess who the three most popular messaging platforms are, right?

  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • Slack

With these platforms you can create chatbots in no time.  Add a few lines of code to your website or use their downloadable plugins to get a chat widget on your website.

When a user interacts with the chatbot, they will be redirected to the relevant platform.  They may be required to sign in, so that they can receive and deliver information.

20 Chatbot Platforms


I will introduce you to some chatbot platforms that you may already be familiar with and some you may not have heard of.

  1. Chatfuel — Chatfuel lets you add content cards so that you can share updates with your social media followers automatically. You can capture data from Messenger chats with forms and let users ask for information and interact with your bot via buttons.
  2. Botsify — Botsify includes templates which make drag n drop bot building a breeze. They include plugins to integrate AI, machine learning and analytics.
  3. Flow XO — Flow XO provides a number of templates to get started with. Their bot editor is simple to use and they have over 100 integrations.
  4. Beep Boop — Beep Boop focuses on building Slack Bots. They have a developer backend that simplifies the bot creation process.
  5. Bottr — Bottr is a bot building platform that gives you the option to embed your bot into a website and include content from a blog, website or other source.
  6. Motion AI — Motion AI is one of the platforms where you get to map out the entire bot building process in a flowchart. You get to visually map out each interaction a bot may have with a potential user and can always adjust the content as necessary.  This allows you to train and deploy your bot across multiple platforms like FB Messenger, Slack, Smooch or your website.
  7. Chattypeople— Chattypeople is a simple to use interface with pre-designed templates ready to use for just about any type of business.  Some templates for example include e-commerce, customer support and just about everything to do with food. The setup is easy to do.   You select a template add Products or services, add some Q&A’s and adjust some general settings.  Then you’re good to go!
  8. Q&A Maker — Microsoft’s Q&A bot is simple enough to use. All you have to do is insert the URL of your FAQ page.  The bot will gather all of your Q&A’s and generate a Bot. Within a few minutes you’ll have a shiny new Bot to add to your website.
  9. AI— Recast AI lets you train, build and run your own bot. They have a visual flow section in which you can map out all the interactions your bot can have with a user. It just makes it easier for you to design your bot the way you want it.
  10. Botkit— Botkit includes Botkit Studio, starter kits, a library and plugins to extend the capability of your bots.
  11. ChatterOn — Chatteron lets you build a visual bot flow. All you need to do is enter examples of a conversation between a user and the bot.   Using this data, Chatteron works in the background, building your bot.
  12. ai— Octane AI have pre-made blocks that make it super-efficient to add content to your bot.  A few clicks is all it takes to add messages, discussions, forms, product showcases and a whole lot more to your bot.
  13. io— can be integrated with multiple platforms.  It includes complete user, request & conversation flow tracking.  It also includes a NLP parsing engine.
  14. Gupshup— Gupshup includes innovative smart-messages that contain structured data and intelligence, enabling advanced messaging and automation.
  15. – is a beautiful platform that provides clean interactive chatbots. Start with a template, customize the text and conversation flow to suit your needs and implement within 10-15 minutes.  Create landing pages, embed the bots into pages and posts, or, just have a bot ready to answer questions and gather leads.
  16. Leadbot – Leadbot is a lead generation and conversion optimization platform. You can design a Bot within 10-20 minutes on your own.  Fill in a few details, add a lead magnet and change the conversation in the background.  Insert some qualifying questions to filter prospects and add some Q&A’s in the mix to address all of their concerns.  Watch the leads roll in.
  17. MobileMonkey – Mobile Monkey is a full-fledged omnichat marketing platform. Integrating with email, messaging, SMS and social media platforms, they are a true all-in-one marketing solution.  You can start with templates, code your own and change every aspect of your bot. 
  18. Chatra – Chatra is a platform that is easy to use. They have a clean user interface.  Set the basic text to be displayed to users, add your working hours and implement within a few minutes.  It’s a great platform for newcomers to the bot world. Get one built and implemented on a website within minutes!
  19. Manychat – Manychat is a platform that integrates beautifully with Facebook Messenger. Start with templates.  Adjust to your needs.  Alter the conversation flow and use a variety of tools to gather email leads.  Capture leads from within Facebook and add them to your list.  They’re a great place for newcomers to get started, building bots for Facebook.
  20. Drift – Drift is a platform that’s great for building conversational Bots. Their interface for building bots is super simple to use.  Add in some basic information, choose the style and design your bot.  Within a few minutes you can have your own AI empowered bot on your website, ready to engage your visitors.

New bot platforms are popping up every day.  There are probably thousands if not hundreds of thousands of new platforms I haven’t mentioned.

If you’re part of a business that builds chatbots, pop us a message, let us review it, share our thoughts and share it with our audience.

Chatbot Design

Let’s not mess around.  Let’s get to the good stuff. 

Ok, Ok, I know you’re in a hurry, but, let’s get the foundation right first.

Whenever we add anything to our business it must be in alignment with our Brand. 

To get the full picture, visit your branding guideline or visit the post we did about branding.

Purpose of the Bot?

Before we start building the chatbot, we want to know why we want it in the first place.

Is it:

  • To answer questions
  • To deliver content
  • To collect leads
  • To let people book appointments
  • Self service
  • Drive people into the sales funnel

If we know what purpose of the bot is, then we can map out the entire customer journey.

When we know what we want the bot to say or do, we can design it to either answer pre-determined questions a potential customer may have, or direct them to the solution they seek.

Customer Research


A good place to start, is to do customer research and collect the questions they ask all over the net related to the type of product or service you offer.

Where to find this information?

A quick Google search can yield a lot of results, Check google answers, or people ask, which normally can be found just under the paid ads in any search result. 

Type a question or related question in Google and then keep going in all different paths, gathering as much information as possible.

Other sources you can try:

  • Forums – Quora, Yahoo, Niche Related Forums
  • Groups – Facebook, Google, Reddit
  • Trends – Google Trends, Buzzsumo
  • Magazines – Niche specific, Hobbies, Business
  • Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Check for questions, follow hashtags, look at the group names for ideas, look for articles with questions in the titles, etc, etc.

Gather as much information about your customers as possible

What to do with the information?

When you’ve got all this information, sort it into groups or clusters. 

Each piece of content related to a specific question or solution should be in the same cluster.

At the end of the sorting process, you can look at each piece of content and see how people have answered a specific question from different angles/perspectives.

What you want to do, is look for loopholes. 

Has anyone missed anything important that “should be” included in the answer?

Figure out how you can:

  • Answer more thoroughly
  • Provide more value
  • Build a better solution
  • Improve on what’s already available
  • Provide a better experience

If you’ve come up with better answers and written your own content.  It must be a better format that explains concepts in a simpler fashion or gets to the point quicker.

Include the improved content, or, filter the best answers and include them as content for your chatbot.

Use this information to build your chatbot.  Remember, your chatbot is your front door salesman.

It’s always there, ready for the first person to land on your site and put its best foot forward to meet and greet.

Let your bot leave a lasting impression. 

Inject your brand voice into the tone of the bot message, add a little humour and provide value.

Lay it all out


To make sure you get the design right, you need to have all your information ready. 

Collect all of the questions that the bot will answer, all the actions it must take and anything else you can think of.

Add everything to sticky notes or use a mind-mapping tool. Some bot platforms have a visual flow builder which you can use as well.

Choose a method that works for you.

First Click to Solution


Now that you have all the data, you need to figure out the simplest, most logical path to send your customer on to get to the answer/solution.

The less clicks – the better (3 or less is best).

You need to start with the moment they land on your site –

  • What will they see first?
  • What will you present them?
  • What will the bot say?
  • What action do they need to take?
  • What will the bot have to do?

Think of these five questions at each step.  Keep asking yourself:

  • What is customer thinking?
  • What’s the easiest way to give them what they want?
  • What’s the quickest solution?
  • What else can we give to provide more value?
  • What else could they want?

Keep thinking of ways to keep it extremely simple and have the visitor get an answer/solution in 3 clicks or less.

Think of ways to provide more and more value.  Provide value before you ask for any details. 

Remember this formula:  Value –Value – Value – Ask

Now, create the first card in your software platform or if you’re doing it manually, add your first bit of paper/sticky note to your board or table (whatever works for you).

Start with the first interaction.  Use string on the manual version and lines in the software program to point to the next step and the next.

Keep going, until there’s nothing left to add.

Step back or leave the board or save the software board.  Cover it up or close the program for the day.

Give yourself 24 – 36 hours to mull the process over in your mind.

When you come back to your board, have a look from a fresh perspective.

  • Does it flow?
  • Is it easy?
  • Does it make sense?
  • Do I provide value?
  • Is there anything missing?

Add to or remove as necessary to keep your bot as simple as possible.

Planning Done – Time to Build!


This is where you need to choose how you’re going to build your bot. 

You can build it yourself or use a simple platform where everything is ready for you to plug in and just change a few lines to get moving.

Here are my recommendations if you don’t want to do all the coding yourself:

One of the simplest platforms:

One of the Best Omnichat Platforms:  Mobilemonkey

Standalone:  Chatra

Where to start?

Have you decided on the purpose of the bot?  Have you found the platform you’ll be using?  Have you decided on the branding? 

The branding must include:

  • The logo
  • The colors and layout
  • The tone and voice
  • The appearance and fonts used
  • The engagement process

Have you got your process flow ready?

Let’s go!

Building a simple bot using

In this simple tutorial, I’m going to show you how quick and easy it is to build a chatbot in

The purpose of my chatbot is to have people book an appointment for a 30 minute website consultation.

I will make a few changes and screenshot everything to add in here.

Let’s start.

Chatbot login:

Untitled image here

Once you’re logged in, click on your account profile and a dropdown box will appear:


Click on templates and go through to the template page:


Click on the appointment booking template, it will open up to give a brief description:


See the green edit template button, click on it then go through to a page that gives you 3 options (widget, landing page or embed).  We want a chat bubble to pop up at the bottom right of our website, so we’ll choose the widget option.


Click on the widget option, and then the button “start creating”.  You will end up in the main editor dashboard:



Main Editor

Here you can switch between classic and modern chat bubbles.  You can change the welcome message from “chat now” to whatever you want, keeping it short and simple.

You can change the avatar to suit your needs.

You can then change the theme color to match your brand.  If you don’t know what your actual color is, use this nifty tool that will show you.  (It’s free!)

Just go to your site, take a screenshot and upload it, you’ll get a list of the colors on your site, choose the most relevant one for you.

You can switch the branding off if you opt for a paid version, otherwise ignore it and move on.

What we want to do is change the script to suit our needs.  Remember we want clients to book a website consultation with us for about 30 minutes each.

Loot at the top of the editor.  You’ll see that we were in “preview” mode.

Click on the “Script” tab and the following screen will open:


If you want to, click on the “preview bot” button to see what it will look like before you make changes.  I find it’s often best to do this with a new template and make notes of that you’d like to have it say.

In this case, I’m pretty familiar with the process, so, I’m going straight into the editor.

Move your mouse over the top light grey box “ready for a quick chat?”  as you hover your mouse over the box, you’ll see the grey disappear and editing icons appear. 

Click on the pencil. 


Once you’ve clicked on the pencil, the conversation editor opens and it looks like this: (I scrolled down a bit to get to the text)


Edit the text to whatever you want.  I’ve changed it to say, “Can we have a quick chat about your Website?”  When you make a change, remember to click the big green “done” button, to save your changes.


Take  a look at all the other content in the conversation boxes and make changes where necessary.  To edit each one, hover your mouse over the one you want to change and click on the pencil.  To finish, click the green “done” button.


I want to check the content of the appointment booking conversation and see if I can set 30 minute booking time slots, let’s go have a look:


Great.  I have the option of 15, 30 and 60 minute time slots.  I can choose my work days and the time I will be available from and to.

I can connect with Google Calendar, which can also integrate with my Microsoft Outlook on my desktop.

There are success and error messages if someone chooses a time outside of your working hours.  Customize them to your liking.

I’m happy, I’ve chosen my time and working hours.  I’m ready to finalize my bot.  The next thing I want to ensure, is that email addresses are collected, so that I can keep in touch with my leads.

I see in the designer, the bot asked for the email right after asking for the leads name.  That’s important to remember.  Always try get an email address as quickly as possible so that it’s out of the way.

That’s all the changes I want to make, let’s go see the bot in action.  Just click on preview bot. 

The bot is in it’s place at the bottom right of the screen.  Click on “chat now”


I see the changes I’ve made are present in the bot, let’s keep going through the bot, enter random content till we get to the booking form.


Great.  It works.  My bot gives people the option to choose the date and time slot that’s best for them.  Once they’re made their choice, the Confirm button goes blue. 

When they click confirm, they get a confirmation message and the bot closes after wishing them a great day.

An email is sent to me.  The email contains the person’s name, email address and details of their appointment and I also see their booking appear in my google Calendar.

I can now send them a reminder close to the time to make sure they don’t forget.

I am happy with my chatbot.  If not, I can click on “script” again and continue editing.

I am done, and click on “Publish.”  A page opens with a list of options.  I’m using WordPress and know that has a plugin.

I log into my WordPress website, go search for their plugin and install it.

There is only one thing left for me to do.  That’s to copy the script from the editor and paste it into the WordPress plugin.

Click on the WordPress listing.  It opens up to reveal two titles.  Widget and Embed.

Under the widget title is a couple of lines of javascript code.  At the top right of the box containing the code is a small “copy” button, click it once to copy all of the script.


Go to the plugin settings in your WordPress website and paste the code into the empty box.  Click save to keep the settings.

Give it a few seconds, then visit your WordPress website.  The chat box is there.  Fully functional and just the way you made it.

Congratulations, you’ve just programmed a bot.

While you’re in the platform, play around.  Make further changes, customize it to your needs and change all the settings to suit your own business needs.

NB:  The Free version of any chatbot platform will limit your ability to customize your bot.

For simple bots, a Free Version may work.  But, if you really want to customize it to your liking, consider a paid plan.

I just wanted you to get up and running as easily as possible without confusing you too much.

Each platform has a series of videos and tutorials to teach you how to build your own bots.  Some are very easy to use, while some are a little more complicated.

The bot platform we used here, makes it extremely easy for first time bot builders to add a chatbot to a WordPress website.

Do you have any questions?  Are you a bot provider?  Do you need a custom bot for your business?

Talk to us.  We’d love to hear the input from providers and customers alike.

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