• Instagram Management
  • Pinterest Management
  • Twitter Management
  • GMB Listing
  • Blogging

A Home Watch Business Located In St Petersburg, Florida, USA. Looking For Local Home Watch Service Leads



I helped develop a consistent font type across social Media Platforms to maintain consistency


We stuck to present brand coloring and varied very little across platforms

Custom images

We custom designed images to be shared across Social Media platforms, keeping them aligned with the brand theme


We drove engagement across all platforms on a daily basis, growing brand awareness 

Blogging & Creating Micro Content

The client had just moved from an old blogging platform over to Wix.  There was no blog, no ChatBot and very little SEO work had been done on the site.  We did market research, created posts and repurposed the blog content to create micro-content to share across the Social Media Channels.

  • Market Research
  • Persona Creation
  • Targeted Messaging
  • Blog Setup
  • Weekly Content Uploads

Overall Marketing Strategy

Our Strategy involved doing local listings, creating content SEO optimized for the Florida Area, Specifically for Tampa Bay.  We blogged about home ownership, preparation for vacations, gave tips, lists and advice.  Content was repurposed for Social Media Channels and Google My Business.  We engaged daily, creating Pins and Posts as well as weekly Blog Posts.

Increased Engagement

Grew Total Audience

Increased Awareness

Grew New Account

Increased Traffic

Instagram Management

An Instagram Account existed for this client.  They had about 34 followers and about 12 different posts when we began.

  • Client had no posting schedule, so we set one up
  • Grew Followers from 34 to 122
  • Increased Posts from 12 to 99
  • From Following 0 to 365
  • Engaged With Followers Daily

Pinterest Management

Client had no Pinterest presence, so we created an account and various boards related to property and vacations, over 90 days we increased:

  • Increased Engagement Overall
  • Impressions Increased 0 to 8.52K
  • Total Audience Increased 0 to 7.36K
  • Engagement increased 0 to 193
  • Total Engaged Audience 0 to 137

Twitter Management

The client had a problem with a previous assistant and couldn’t get account details from them.  We started a new account and added content.  Over 30 days:

  • We created a posting schedule for posts
  • Added 284 Posts
  • Attracted 17 Followers organically
  • Received 25 Interactions
  • Engaged With Followers Daily

Google My Business Management

The client had an account with GMB, but wasn’t appearing in search engines or on Google Maps.  We optimized her listing, posted 1 x per week  and within 90 days:

  • Had 163 Hits From Searches
  • Had 32 Searches From Google
  • Was Discovered Locally 131 Times
  • Had A Total of 217 Views
  • 4 people Visited Their Website and 1 Called Them

Local Listing Management

Local Listings can really help local businesses get found in their area.  Our client was listed in Google on GMB, only, so we set out to add more:

  • Listing on Yelp
  • Urging The Client to Work More in LinkedIn
  • Doing Local SEO for Terms Florida and Tampa Bay
  • Suggested a Listing on Foursquare
  • Listed Locally in Directories Such as Yellow Pages, Etc

Wix Website Management

The client recently changed over to Wix.  Had no Blog, had no ChatBot and SEO was negligible.  We Added a Blog, ChatBot, Created FAQ Pages: 

  • 10 x Blog Posts Added (1 x Weekly)
  • ChatBot Added
  • FAQ Section Added with 6 - 8 Pages
  • Site Visits Increased 404%
  • Unique site Visits Increased 427%

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