A MLM Networking Orientated Client in the Essential Oil Business. Promoting the Young Living Brand



I helped develop a consistent font type across both social Media Platforms to maintaint consistency


We developed a unique brand color and tested variations to see which colors received more engagement

Custom images

We custom designed images to be shared across both platforms, keeping them aligned with the brand theme


We drove engagement across both platforms on a daily basis, growing brand awareness 

Branding, Personas & Targeting

After designing the brand theme, we did market research to determine the ideal customers and created personas.  Once we knew the challenges faced by our personas, we created content to address and solve each of their pain points.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

The goal of our partnership for 3 months through an apprenticeship was to grow brand awareness, increase inquiries and create a more consistent social media presence, create stories and engage more across both channels.

Increased Engagement

Grew Total Audience

Instagram Management

A New Account Was Created for the South African Market.  We created content and added Daily Posts over 90 days:

Pinterest Management

By adding only two Pin boards and doing daily activity, using SEO, Content and interacting with others, over 90 days we increased:

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