The Main Issues We Helped Our Case Studies With Were



Developing consistent font types across social Media Platforms to maintain consistency


Developing unique brand colors and testing variations to see which colors receive the most engagement

Custom images

Custom designed images to share across Social Media platforms, aligned with the brand theme


Practice engagement on Social Media platforms daily, to grow brand awareness 

Branding, Personas & Targeting

After designing the brand theme, we did market research to determine the ideal customers and created personas.  Once we knew the challenges faced by our personas, we created content to address and solve each of their pain points.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

The goal of our partnership for 3 months through an apprenticeship was to grow brand awareness, increase inquiries and create a more consistent social media presence, create stories and engage more across both channels.

Increased Engagement

Grew Total Audience

Case Study 1 – Emily Greer

Emily Greer is a stay at home Mom who decided to join a network marketing company called Young Living.  They create and sell essential oil based products.  My job, as an apprentice for 3 months was to grow brand awareness, increase engagement and create content for her two most popular Social Media Channels, Pinterest and Instagram.

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Case Study 2 – Jennifer Frost

Jennifer Frost is a Success Coach who also started a Home Watch Business.  Her ideal clients are wealthy retirees, former entrpreneurs or people who often travel and have more than one home.  The target areas she wanted more exposure in were St Petersburg and Tampa Bay, Florida.  We set about helping her get the exposure she wanted by Blogging and Doing Regular Social Media Updates.

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