About Us

Hi, My Name Is Alistair Vermaak

I help Small businesses in Canada, USA, UK and Australia automate lead generation, social media and content creation so that you can scale your business without ad costs

Who We Are

I manage a marketing team.  Together we manage the Blog from day to day and work with clients.  We consult, create, market and repurpose content to reduce the ammount of “new” content businesses need to create.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help small businesses in Canada, USA, UK and Australia automate lead generation, social media and content creation so that you can scale your business without ad costs and also scale more rapidly with content.

What We Do

Our 6-D Process



We research the net and find the ideal software to help you automate your business and grow



We’ll work with you to figure out the best audiences you should be targeting with your messages



We’ll design or repurpose the content you already have.  It’s quick and easy to repurpose what you already have



Where necessary, we’ll work with you to develop a web presence and clarify your marketing strategy



We’ll send your content out to the world and track it to see how good it was, then improve it over time



You get the results and goals you want, more brand awareness, more content and more leads to sell to

Why Choose Us?

I’ve been at this since 2010.  I know SEO, web design, content creation, writing, Graphic Design and everything else that goes into lead generation.

You decide how long your content needs to be.  You tell us what keyword to focus on and let us do the rest.  All content is properly checked and proofread 3 x over to ensure the grammar, and spelling are 100% correct before delivery.

There is always a 24/7 communication channel open for you to reach out to us.  There are 2 chatbots here on the site, connected directly to our phone email.  If you become a customer, you’ll be added to a ticketing system and added to our WhatsApp and messenger channels or anywhere else you hang out.

We work for you!  If we do a good enough job, we would love to know that you have the confidence to tell someone else about us.  Who knows, you could even get some free work from us if you send referrals our way.

We believe in freedom of choice in our business.  that’s we freed our team to work from anywhere.  Obviously we work according to goals and deadlines.  that also makes it easier for us as a team to be able to address any time of day and in almost any language you prefer.

Do you sometimes wonder if it’s worth running ads for your business?  If you’ve lost money running ads, you’re not alone.  We’ve got some top notch ad managers on our team that can help you strategize better.  If you have a system to work according to, it can easily increase your chances of getting a better return on your ad spend.

I’m kind of picky about who I want to work with, not just from a client perspective, but also the quality of the staff I invite to work with me.  I want my business to be professional, so I ensure I only choose to work with professional staff.  It’s the quality of the work we deliver that matters most to you.

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