About Us

We're A Small Global Team

Marketers dedicated to helping you get the products and services you need to generate sales for your business.  We’re here to be an extension of your business and drive more sales

Who Are We?

We’re a small team that is varied in our cultures, and beliefs. What brings us together is a dedication to help all small businesses create content that drives leads to convert into more sales.

Our Mission

We want to be your reliable marketing department outside of your space.  We’re connected and available on all the tech platforms you’re already comfortable with so come say Hello!

What We Do

Hello There!  It’s Alistair Vermaak.

When he’s not busy creating content for multiple sites and for partners and vendors, he can be found pottering around his garden.

He is a cook, brewer, woodworker and home remedy maker in his spare time.

He enjoys beer, red wine, extra strong black filter coffee and a good vegan meal.

Alistair is a Digital Marketer and his role In Vermaak Marketing is customer acquisition, client liaison, project management and managing the flow of content into the site from various sources. 

With  a keen eye for detail, he can get your business content created and online on time and within budget.

Our Work Process


Discovery Call/Meeting

We get to the bottom of the issues you’re having.  We listen, take notes, ask and receive questions


Define Your Goals

We work with you to determine what goals you have for your business the results you want from marketing


Design Project Workflows

We work with you to design the layout of any web properties and craft a workflow between us


Develop Content

We create the various types of content that best suit each platform where you have a web presence


Deploy Campaigns

We start distributing content across the web and track every item so that we can track results in real time


Deliver Reports

Monthly and Quaterly Reports will allow you to see how effective our marketing campaigns have been

Why Us?

You could choose any other Company to work with.   What makes us different?

In the Digital Marketing space, customers sometimes feel neglected.  they are made to feel silly because they don’t understand the Marketing jargon.  We keep things simple, we speak in simple English and put you first.

We want to be wherever you are.  If you have a problem and need help, we want you to be able to do so from anywhere and have someone attend to your needs as soon as possible.  We use multiple channels to communicate on, come say Hello.  

Not only do you get multiple ways to stay in touch with us, but you also get an invite to work with and collaborate with us on your own project.

Some Companies forget about their customers the minute a sale is made.  Not in our case.  After you’ve done business with us, you can always ask questions, get training and advice.

It’s difficult to do business with people you cannot trust.  We believe that trust is earned and honesty in every aspect of our business is an absolute necessity.

Business truly revolves around relationships.  We believe that wholeheartedly.  We believe in hard work, integrity, pride in our results and being there for you, when you need us.

"Eye For Detail & Design"

Alistair was a pleasure to work with. He created beautiful branded designs for social media and Pinterest. His eye for colors and design is very professional. He listened well to feedback and quickly made revisions as needed. He also did an excellent job increasing social media engagement through consistent posting and engagement. I highly recommend working with Alistair!
Emily Greer

"Know Their Work & Get It Done!"

Jennifer had just moved from another hosting provider to Wix and needed a hand to get her site up and running. - I am so grateful I had a chance to work with Alistair. He was able to take my rebrand and set up my different social media channels and start increasing my reach and SEO. He did all this during COVID with very little direction from me. I highly recommend his work!
Jennifer Frost