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17 Analytics and Testing Tools To Improve Conversions

Blindly posting content to your website isn’t an option, you need to have Analytics and testing tools to understand what your customers are doing. 

If you don’t know what your site visitors are doing, what they like, where they get frustrated and leave, or other actions, how can you build a successful business?

You cant!

Below you’ll find 17 Analytics and Testing Tools to improve conversions and make more sales.   

PS:  Below are Affiliate Links (Not ALL of them) If you click through to a  site and make a purchase, we may make a small commission at no extra cost to you.  It helps us stay online and share content with you.

Google Analytics

google analytics

Google Analytics is only one of the best analytics programs.  It’s built by the largest search engine on the planet, so it makes sense to use it and it’s the first one we recommend.  Best of all, it’s FREE.  It can be tricky to setup.  If you want help, get in touch for assistance to get it set up right the first time.


Starts at FREE


Go to Google Analytics


Visual Website Optimizer


Visual Website Optimizer say they help you visually plan to improve your ROI so that you can optimize every aspect of your website visitor journey.  Their platform is nice and clean.  There are simple to use processes, ready to plug and play.


It starts at FREE


Go to VWO




Hotjar is known for their heatmaps.  Not only can you visually see what they see, you can include them in surveys, ask them how you can improve your website to make it better for them and then ask for feedback as you make changes.  Involving your users is an excellent way to grow your brand, make users feel part of your business evolution and a good way to build relationships, trust and authority in your niche.


Starts at FREE

Go to Hotjar




Brand24 helps you listed to what people say about your business across the web.  When you know what people think and say about your business, you can always be in the loop and nip problematic sentiment before your business reputation is ruined.

When customers are unhappy with your service or product, you can bet they’ll be online to spread the word.  Use Brand24 to receive instant notifications wherever and whenever something is said, so that you can mitigate the problem and regain your reputation.


Starts at FREE

Go to Brand24


Talkwalker Alerts


Talkwalker is a great alternative to google alerts.  Not only can you track brand mentions across websites and forums, but you can also track keywords and brand mentions in social platforms too.  Using this tool to track your keywords on the web is an excellent way to see how you can improve your overall search results when you know what content resonates with your audience and where they find it.


Starts at FREE

Go to talkwalker alerts

google alerts

Google Alerts


Google alerts is a great way to keep track of brand mentions across websites and forums.  Just enter your business name and whenever your business is mentioned online, or any subject of interest you want to know about, you’ll get an alert to let you know where the content is.


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Go to google alerts




Monsterinsights is a WordPress plugin that integrates Google Analytics with your website.  You get all the functionality of Google Analytics without having to go through the complex process of setting everything up in Google.  Monsterinsights already has all the reports, tracking functionality and all the insights you need, pre-configured.


Starts at FREE

Go to monsterinsights




Mixpanel is like a data creation tool with a twist.  If you have a product already, setup flows in your customer journey, connect the data to mixpanel then find out who uses your product, how often, what their demographics are, why they leave, how you can improve, what to add, get feedback and get to know your users at a much deeper level to grow your business.


Starts at FREE

Go to Mixpanel


Crazy Egg


Crazyegg is heatmap software you can add to your website.  It’s not as good as hotjar, but it does that you need it to.

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Go to crazyegg



Heap gives you a visual image of the customer journey on your website. This helps you understand what they want, so that you can improve their experience and convert more of them into sales.
Grow your business with insights. Your customer will thank you for building and altering your site to suit their needs.

Starts at FREE
Go to Heap

adobe analytics

Adobe Analytics


Adobe Analytics allows you to see the events at any point along your websites customer journey.  Pull reports, mix and match insights and extract any data that you need to make business decisions on the go.  Robust reporting, deep insights and many more features make Adobe Analytics one of the best Analytics Programs out there.

Starts FREE

Go to Adobe Analytics



Matomo is an open source analytics platform.  You can use it in the cloud or host it on your own server.  Adding the analytics functionality is a s simple as adding some script to your website, then configuring Matomo to generate all the reports you want to see.

Starts at FREE

Go to Matomo




Statcounter is a live analysis tool.  It allows you to watch your website visitors in real time.  Each session is recorded, so that you can play rewind or fast forward to see where customers get stuck, get frustrated or click away.  This will help you understand the pitfalls of your website, sot aht you know what to fix to build a better customer journey for all future site visitors.

Starts at FREE

Go to statcounter




Finteza helps you analyze why certain pages make more money than others.  It allows you to sell ad spaces, create sales funnels and helps you understand why some pages work and others don’t.  Detailed analytics show you every measurement along the way.  Not only that, you can also use it to build sales pages, funnels, ads and much more.

Starts at FREE

Go to Finteza




If you’re looking for a GDPR compliant analytics platform that’s really easy to use, Gosquared is a great choice.  Simply plug the platform into your website and ready to use reports start flowing automagically.  Not stressful setup process necessary.

Starts at FREE

Go to Gosquared




Etracker is a cookieless analytics tracking solution that keeps the privacy of your site visitors in mind.  Most people value their privacy over many other things these days, so this could be the perfect solution for your business.


Pricing starts at FREE

Go to etracker




Woopra is an analytics program that integrates with a host of platforms like slack, mailchimp, google analytics and many more to send data about your site visitors.  Know exactly what’s happening at every single point of interaction with your website.  Setup triggers that are activated based on your needs.  Get a deeper understanding of what your customers are doing and serve them better.


Starts at FREE

Go to Woopra

Looking for Help with Google Analytics 4?


Their universal analytics is being done away with in favor of G4.  Let our team of analytics experts help you get setup the right way. 

We build processes, chat flows, chatbot design, email templates and so much more.

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