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10 Valentine's Day Email Marketing Ideas To Try

Valentine’s Day Email Ideas – 10 Ideas to try


Email campaigns for Special events and holidays are critical for many businesses that rely on Holiday sales. 

For some of these businesses, the holiday sales actually carry them through the rest of the year, so it’s vital that they plan, strategize and get their campaigns ready long before the holiday season arrives.


Selling Products/Services on Specific Holidays/Events


When you’re able to craft a product/service angle related to a Holiday or Event you can easily increase engagement and sales.

Spending on various goods related to Holiday Themes is a Multi-Billion Dollar Business.  Think of Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day.

People are happier on these days and their purse strings are open, ready to splurge on their loved ones.

Your job is to take advantage of this and tap into the market.

For the rest of this article we’re going to focus on Valentine’s Day.  It’s a fabulous time of Year for youngsters, single people and new couples to show their interest in one another.


Popular Purchases on Valentine’s Day include:


  • Roses & Flower Bouquets
  • Chocolate & Wine
  • Dress Rentals
  • Venue Bookings
  • Meals
  • Jewelry
  • Cards & Trinkets


Knowing that Valentine’s Day is coming, it’s always a good idea to start planning and creating marketing campaigns months in advance.

If you’re short of ideas; we’ll give you some ideas to create a great email campaign and much more.


Plan Your Email Marketing Campaigns Before Valentine’s Day Arrives


Pre-planning and sending early notifications about upcoming Holiday Sales is a no-brainer. 


Every Year we all get bombarded by these emails:


  • Easter Promos
  • Valentine’s Day Promos
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Christmas Sales
  • New Years Stock Clearance


Why do you think we get so many of these Holiday type emails?  It’s because they work!

People happen to spend more on Holiday Sales and on Dates when they believe they can save money. 

That’s why Black Friday and Cyber Monday became such huge Sales Events.


Planning Ahead Makes Sense


We’re all busy and things tend to fall through cracks if we don’t stay on top of them.  Your Valentine’s Day email sequence and any others you create should be done well ahead of time so that you can schedule them in your email program and forget about them.

When scheduled in advance, your subscribers can receive emails from you before the big Event Day and start preparing their spending budget.

Just like you, your subscribers probably start planning for these Big Event Days well in advance, so that they’re not left running around in panic at the last moment.

Enough talk about preparing, let’s get to the good stuff.


Valentine’s Day Email Ideas


There are an infinite number of ways to surprise your subscribers.  Create an email series that announces upcoming Sales, Deals and Exclusive Discount Codes just for them.  They’ll love you for it – for example.

Here are 10 other Valentine’s Day Email Ideas to help inspire you to create awesome email marketing campaigns:


  1. Let your subscribers know about Valentine’s Day approaching


Send an email to remind your subscribers that the big day is approaching and introduce them to some of your offers so they can budget and prepare to spend.


  1. Give a ‘sneak peek’ to into what’s in store


Show subscribers what they can expect to see in upcoming products that might be the perfect gift for him or her.


  1. Use Valentine’s Day Emails To Send Loyal Subscribers Gifts


Send loyal subscribers and long time customers exclusive deals and discounts to show your appreciation for their support.


  1. Send Valentine’s Day Gift Guides


Your subscribers want options and might not know what you’ve got to offer.  They’re also looking for something new and novel.  The best thing you can do for them is give them ideas.  A gift guide is the perfect solution to help them find something new and unique.


  1. Create special deals for single people on Valentine’s Day


Not everyone is in a relationship.  They might be content where they are, or they may be surveying the landscape.  If they’re stepping into the Relationship Market, make it easy for them to pick up a gift, or two if they’re weighing their options.


  1. Free shipping – This can be a deal-breaker on holidays/Events


Do whatever you can to weave the price of shipping into your price, without eating too far into your profits of course.  People love FREE shipping and Valentine’s Day shoppers are no different.


  1. Create an air of romanticism in your Valentine’s Day email campaigns


Pictures of couples will help to create a romantic atmosphere if you use them in your campaigns.  Showing people what they want and reinforcing it with your messaging will help you get more sales.


  1. Promote Valentine’s Day – Ask for Referrals


Why not grow your email list by asking existing customers to invite family and friends to sample some of your products in exchange for discounts or coupons. 

You can include a Referral/Affiliate Program on a permanent basis to reward people for helping you grow your business.


  1. Valentine’s Day Reminders – FOMO


Help your customers/subscribers by offering limited time offers and discounts before the big day.  People hate spending more than they have to, so having limited stock or a limited time to get something at a reduced price is a great motivation for them to buy early.


  1. Send Subscribers Personalized Appreciation Letters


Send your subscribers a personalized Appreciation Letter to make them feel special.  Another idea you can try is to send your subscribers a FREE Pack of Love Letter Templates that they can easily customize and send to Prospective Dates or Loved Ones.


10 Valentine’s Day Email Marketing Ideas


You’ve now got 10+ ideas to create Valentine’s Day emails to send to your subscribers. 

It’s not rocket science. 

All you have to consider is how to felt and what you wanted when you were younger and Valentine’s Day arrived.

Times may have changed, but human desires and needs will never change.

Try some of the ideas we’ve supplied to see your email list grow, your subscribers show their love and support; while you fatten your bank balance at the same time.


Valentine’s Day colors


There are certain colors associated with Love and you should make sure that you use these in your Campaigns where it makes sense:


They are:


  • Red Shades
  • Purple Shades
  • Pink Shades


These colors are synonymous with Valentine’s Day Emails so use them at your own discretion. (But, make sure to include them).

Other design elements you should add to your email campaigns include flowers, hearts, kisses, bubbles, wine glasses and popping champagne glasses which can add a touch of flare in the form of icons, stickers or emoji.

Having these extra design elements helps to personalize your emails and make them unique to your Brand while calling attention to the area where you place them, so choose carefully.


Ensure that your contacts are Segmented


Not everyone on your list will be interested in Valentine’s Day.  Married couples for instance don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day after a few years.

So, Segment your list by relationship status if possible.  This can help you filter out the most likely to interact audiences that will be receptive to your messages.

Segmentation in this manner is a great way to reach out to your target market and personalize the content you send.

The idea is to create email campaigns that will be well received and engaged with by the correct audience, lowering bounce and unsubscribe rates.


Use Order Confirmation Emails to Your Advantage


Valentine’s Day is a great time to make sales if you build effective email campaigns.  When you start making sales, use the Order Confirmation Emails to your advantage.

Just because a sale has happened, it doesn’t need to be a one-and-done routine.  Instead, place discount codes, coupons for other purchases or rewards to be redeemed in your order confirmation emails in order to get customers back to your store for more sales.

We’re recommending this to you, because everyone will check the transactional email to make sure they paid the right amount and that they receive everything as expected.


Give the Fence Sitters an Extra Nudge!


If you’ve got people coming to your site, clicking on products and not completing the checkout process, make sure you’ve got an abandoned cart email sequence in place.

They might just be waiting till the last minute to see if they can get a better deal, but if you tell them that the earlier they buy, the lower the price will be, the sooner they might buy.

Ensure your abandoned cart sequence reminds them of this fact.  The closer you get to the big day, the more frequent your emails should get.

Try this idea.  If you’re going to offer discount codes, create a series of count-down emails that start going to your subscribers a months before the big day.  Let’s say we’re going to offer a 40% Discount on an item, (For example):

In a sequence of 4 emails, describe the following:


  1. Intro to Deals – how the discount reduces before the Big Day Starting at 40%
  2. First Discount Day Email – Discount Starts at 40% 3 weeks before Valentine’s Day
  3. Second Discount Email – Discount at 25% 2 weeks before Valentine’s Day
  4. Third Discount Email – Discount at 10% 1 week before Valentine’s Day


Send out a promo email about 6 weeks before Valentine’s Day to let your Subscribers know that you’ll be running the discount.  Send them the 4 Part email sequence a month before Valentine’s Day.

Remember, people hate paying full price for stuff, so the sooner you start telling them they should buy earlier, the sooner they will listen to you and do so.


Go Digital with Valentine’s Day Email Cards


People love buying Valentine’s Day Cards.  It’s been a top purchase for millions of people around the world on the Special Day.

COVID has however thrown a spanner in the works and now people are more inclined to accept digital cards because they would rather stay away from large shopping malls.

With that being said, it’s your opportunity to go above and beyond, by offering Digital Valentine’s Email Cards, in various designs, that your subscribers can choose from.

Help your subscribers who want the Digital Valentine’s Day Email cards and give them the option to add Coupons or Gift Vouchers to the emails they send.

This will make it easy for them to pick a template, personalize the content and add the Gift Voucher or Coupon before sending to their Loved Ones.


Get the Best ROI From Your Valentine’s Day Email Campaigns


Valentine’s Day is a chance for people to show their loved ones how much they are appreciated, admired and respected in the relationship.

It’s a Big Day for some because some like to Propose Marriage on this day.

It’s a special opportunity to celebrate the love we have for each other and to show your better half how much you care.

Your subscribers always need ideas or help to find ideas.   Help them find the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for their Loved Ones.

It’s your chance to give them guidance, offer deals and discounts and to help them get what they want so that they can make Valentine’s Day and event they will never want to forget.

As a Business it can be one of the best chances to increase sales and start the New Year with a positive Bank Balance.


Wrapping Up



There you go.  We’ve given you multiple ideas to create an effective Valentine’s Day Email Campaign.

We shared some of our best Valentine’s Day email campaign ideas with you and we also shared marketing strategies that can positively affect your Business going forward.

All you have to do is pick a few (Or all of the ideas) and implement a plan of action to include them in your future Marketing Campaigns.

Go ahead and Conquer Valentine’s Day Sales.

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